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You Can't Handle the Proof

By the time they get there, I'm sure he's regretting the invitation, since she won't shut up about Atlas of a Long Forgotten World and how much it meant to her. She babbles about how Terra Nova seemed so far away and alien, but after she read the book she couldn't wait to come. The whole time, Horton seems distracted, and then he whines about all the work that's going to have to be done. Poor sucker Maddy volunteers to help out, and fortunately she's free because her medical internship just finished. She neglects to mention that it more or less ended because she couldn't handle her shit.

Elsewhere, Josh is brooding (big surprise) about stealing the meds. Skye warns him against doing it, mainly based on what Taylor would do to him. Demand they strip to the waist and have a knife fight, most likely. Josh, meanwhile, is rationalizing: it's not like he's providing them with weapons; they're sick. Also, he promised Kara, and things are really bad in 2149 (yep, and there's lots of people who could come to Terra Nova, not just ones with a connection to teenage arseholes who steal medicine to get them over here). His mom will just have to go without a little less chem for a few days. Uh, it's not your mom who needs the medicine, jackass. "Glad to see you've got your justifications all worked out," snaps Skye, who stomps off, but first asks how he even knows the Sixers can deliver what they're promising.

Over at the lab, Horton is bragging about how they found thirty new species of plant, but first they're going to have to catalogue all the rock samples according to where they were found. "And remember, don't take schist for granite!" jokes Maddy, holding up a rock. Horton laughs and calls that "very clever" and Maddy gets confused because he wrote that in his book, and you kind of want to tell her that geologists have been making jokes about taking things "for granite" for as long as geologists have existed, and maybe he was just being polite when she told that antique of a joke.

But Horton chalks it up to his memory not being what it used to be. Anyway, she asks him to sign her copy of his book, and then casually asks if he had a chance to "radioisotope the coastal outcroppings" and he says continental drift never interested him much, which contradicts something he wrote her years ago in reply to a fan letter she sent to him. He (naturally) doesn't remember that either, but suddenly becomes very interested in this letter she has, and asks her to bring it in so he can have a copy for his archives.

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