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You Can't Handle the Proof

Over at Boylan's, some poor sucker who owes Boylan 500 terras is trying to pay his debt with a broken, worthless watch, and Boylan kicks him out and gives him three days to pay. Does Boylan not make any effort to keep his evil and illegal activities in secret? Josh comes in, suddenly Mr. Tough Negotiator, and says he wants proof that Kara's really coming. Boylan says they're cut off from 2149, and Mira's the only one with the line to the future. "If she wants those meds, I want more than those assurances," says Josh, and I bet Boylan is wishing Josh had signed some sort of no-whining clause.

Speaking of whining, Zoe and Elisabeth arrive home with Zoe whining about wanting Daddy to read her bedtime story, since Mommy does the voices all wrong. Elisabeth explains that her dad is off being a manly man in the wilderness and almost getting eaten by dinosaurs, and sends her to wash up.

Maddy meanwhile is sulking at the dining room table and confides to her Mom that Horton forgot a joke from his first book and contradicted the letter he wrote her, which is when she notices that the signature on the letter and the autograph she just got don't match. Elisabeth chalks it up to his having had a stroke, and then feeds Maddy a bunch of guff about heroes rarely living up to expectations. She advises her to think of all the things that made her look up to him in the first place. Like that silly affected European explorer scarf he wears!

Josh and Boylan are hooded and being brought to meet with Mira. Like, what kind of crap security does Terra Nova have that people just randomly come and go whenever they please? And unfortunately this isn't an execution. Josh gets hoisted up to Mira's treetop lair, where she angrily says. "We agreed you'd do as I said, no questions asked, and now you demand proof?" He says she's asking a lot: "You're asking me to steal from my mother," he says. No, again, she's asking you to steal medicine from an infirmary. That's worse, you dickbag.

So she shows him a hologram of Kara who is sickly and breathing through a re-breather. She's excited to "see" Josh so there's probably some brain damage there too. Is it true, she wants to know, about her being on the next pilgrimage? "I promised you I'd get you here," he says, and then the dingbats hold up their hands to touch each other -- like, what aspect of holograms don't you understand -- and then Kara winks out. "You'll have plenty of time to talk once Boylan gets her here," says Mira. "You'll get your meds," says Josh.

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