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You Can't Handle the Proof

So Josh smashes into the infirmary. Her ID card wouldn't have opened it? The ID doesn't even WORK on the medicine fridge. "Dammit, Boylan!" says Josh. So he just shoots the fridge with the sonic weapon -- so nice work risking being caught over the damn ID when this was all you had to do -- and it sends him flying back against the wall, winding him. But at least it got the cabinet open, and he starts stuffing medicine into his backpack.

And out in the jungle, Taylor finds Curran, asleep and with a nasty leg wound. Taylor wakes him up and then makes fun of him for having a nasty leg wound that stinks, too. "Couldn't happen to a nicer guy," says Taylor.

Jim's back at Terra Nova, and Washington gives Jim grief for leaving Taylor out there, even though Taylor is A) Jim's boss and B) kinda crazy. Anyway, she's glad he's back, and tells him about the infirmary being broken into and the stolen Azimeth. Again, we have to thank god that Jim stowed away on the pilgrimage, because apparently no one else is investigating the break-in.

But now Sheriff Jim is on the case! He examines the scene (hilariously theorizing, based on the smashed in door window, that the thief broke in through the window) and sees the bent cabinet door. "Gotta be high, drunk or desperate to use a sonic pistol indoors in such close quarters," he tells Elisabeth, adding that whoever did this would be hurting today. Sure enough, we see Josh examining the bruises all over his torso, which was kind of nice.

Maddy's at the lab when Malcolm shows up, pissed off that Horton hasn't filed his report yet. Horton comes in, playing dumb, and Malcolm snaps that Horton better have his report on his desk by Monday or his funding will be cut off. Funding? Terra Nova government? No taxation without representation! Maddy leaves to go pick Zoe up after school, and asks for her letter back. Horton makes a big show of pretending to look for it, but assures her it will turn up. Maddy doesn't believe him, which unfortunately leads to a conversation in which Zoe reiterates her controversial "He's a vampire!" argument.

Out in the jungle, Curran wants to know if Taylor's going to kill him. Instead, Taylor's making some sort of medicine drink to help with the infection. "You've been hit by an ancestral Komodo," he says. Curran says he was trying to set a snare for it, and Taylor says the thing is tracking him, because they hang back until their prey is incapacitated. "When you're too weak to fight back, the komodo movies in, finishes the job," he says. Curran wants to know why Taylor's helping him, and Taylor just tells him to lie back and let him worry about the Komodo.

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