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You Can't Handle the Proof

So: Maddy finds Zoe with Horton in the orchard, and he lets Zoe go in exchange for Maddy, who instructs her little sister to tell Jim she'll be home in time to make the asparagus. And despite this obviously being some sort of code, Horton lets her go and is about ready to kill Maddy (despite -- or maybe because of -- her babbling about how she understands his motives) with a poisonous spider, all the while talking about how she would have hated the real Horton, who was a jerk. Then Jim shows up and knocks Horton down with one punch.

Back at home, we get an over-explanation of the "safe words" the kids have for Jim (which is fortunate, because fucking "HELP!" doesn't appear to be an option) and Elisabeth asks Maddy why she tried to do this by herself. Maddy says she didn't have any proof and maybe Jim and Elisabeth should tell their idiot-genius daughter that if she thought her idiot-idiot little sister (who is practically a baby and willingly went off with a stranger SHE WAS CONVINCED WAS A VAMPIRE) was in physical danger, then GET HELP FIRST and worry about proof later or PROBABLY NEVER. "And I did try and talk to you, Mom," she points out. Well, there's a guilt trip for you! Elisabeth says if she's not listening, then MAKE her listening, and/or get help from your father. Jim just couldn't be prouder that his daughter went with her gut even though the evidence was against her. And what kind of a scary police state is Terra Nova going to be when the sheriff favors "gut" instead of "evidence"? Some blah-blah about whether the real Horton was the jerk Fickett says he was, and who cares because this episode is almost over.

Idiot Josh then comes in with a vial of medicine, shocking his parents. He says he didn't think anyone would get hurt. Jim can't believe he broke into the clinic. "You stole from your mother," he says, again, like the medicine belonged to her. "I'm sorry," he says. He confesses giving it to the Sixers because they promised they could get Kara here. "Who said the Sixers could do that?" asks Jim. Jesus, Jim, who do you think?

Over to Boylan's, where Jim roughs up the shady bar owner for getting Josh caught up with the Sixers. Part of Jim's problem is that he assumes Boylan's making false promises, since the Sixers can't even feed themselves, let alone bring people from the future. Boylan gets strangely shirty over being called dishonest: "I may be a lot of things, but I'm no liar," he says, which A) is weird for him to get indignant about, especially since B) that's not even CLOSE to being REMOTELY true. Anyway, he doesn't know how she does it, but Mira can talk to the future, says Boylan.

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