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Requiem For A Bantamweight

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Just Like Robert Downey Jr.

Back at the hospital, Bobby approaches the dick doctor who always inflicts pain on people. Bobby bargains with him to let Heroin Man stay the night so that the family can get him into a program. The doctor asks whether Paulie's a friend of Bobby's. "We grew up together," Bobby says. Doctor Dick asks Bobby to tell Heroin Man that, if he keeps it up, he'll die. Just like Robert Downey Jr. Doctor Dick finally agrees, surprisingly. Bobby walks over to Paulie's room. Paulie has what appears to be the entire script to this episode tattooed in small letters on the small of his back. He turns around, and, hey! It's that guy from Oz, Kirk Acevedo, who played Miguel Alvarez. He smiles over his shoulder and says, "Bobby." Bobby asks how he's feeling and tells him that he looks terrible. "I've been better," Paulie says, throwing on a flannel shirt. Paulie is mad that Gina called Bobby: "Baby sister is all up in my business again." If she wasn't, he'd be dead, Bobby tells him. Bobby asks whether Paulie can stay there the night, and get a hot meal. "I'm not hungry. I don't like hospitals," Paulie replies. Bobby asks whether he's cooking heroin. Paulie wanders around looking for his coat until Bobby tells him that he has no coat and had to be wrapped in blankets when he was brought to the hospital. Paulie asks a nurse whether he may borrow a sweater or something, and she offers a blanket. Paulie starts walking out as Bobby tries to get him to stay. Gina tries to get in the way, too, but Paulie -- looking totally strung out -- tells her to get out of the way. Finally, he roughly shoves her aside. Gina gives Kim and Bobby a look, then goes after him.

Outside, Paulie -- wrapped in a blanket like the world's most addicted Babushka -- walks. Gina and Bobby call after him. Bobby The Mother Hen offers Paulie a ride to get to his heroin hole. Gina storms off. Sorry, Bobby. Can't win the war on drugs today.

Sully gets home and hears loud, wussy-sounding rock music playing at Tatiana's. He hears her yell for Sergei to turn down the music. Just as he was about to knock on their door, Sully thinks better of it and keeps walking to his apartment instead.

4:19 AM. We get a zoom on Bobby's eye opening as the buzzer of his intercom goes off. "Who is it?" he barks. "It's Paulie. I'm sick," comes the answer.

Bobby lets him in, meeting him out in the dark stairwell. Don't any of these apartment buildings have lights? Bobby finds Paulie lying on the stairs. "What happened to your blanket?" Bobby asks. Paulie says he lost it. Bobby carries him upstairs and into the bathroom. We get an almost-Aronofsky shot from above of the action. Bobby inspects Paulie and sees he's suffering from hypothermia. Or maybe frostbite. He draws a warm bath as Paulie moans from withdrawal cramps. The desolation of the human spirit is palpable. As Bobby goes to make coffee, Paulie gets up and digs in Bobby's medicine cabinet. He finds something he likes and opens the container. Bobby comes in from behind and slaps the container out of his hand. "Bobby. Please. I need one," Paulie begs. "No," Bobby replies. Paulie moans some more. "I don't want to be like this," he says, and cries. Bobby tells him he needs to get into a program. Paulie promises that he will. Bobby relents and gives him a pill. "That's one," Paulie complains. "That's the deal!" Bobby yells. In frustration, Bobby runs a hand through his hair and leans against the wall. Yeah, ever since William S. Burroughs died, drugs are just a drag now, man. We go to commercial.

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