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Just Like Robert Downey Jr.

Heather Locklear needs to change her name to "Dorian Gray," because she hasn't aged a day in fifteen years.

We return to Young Bobby's Memories. He and Paulie are throwing snowballs at a car. They get chased by a driver -- who looks just like George Foreman -- and climb over a wall, helping each other over just before Foreman grills their asses. We immediately go to Bobby and Kim in the present day. She can't believe that Bobby gave Paulie a Vicodin. "It's like feeding a stray cat," she says. Not at all like giving sex to a guy who works at a newspaper stand. "Made you think of Matty?" she asks. She wonders aloud whether Bobby's heard anything from Matty. Bobby says he hasn't. Kim starts asking about Gina, saying that she's nice, and wondering what would have happened if Bobby had married her, had kids, and lived in a house somewhere. Bobby wisely ignores her. They walk up on a snowy field to a bum who is frozen solid. Bosco, Yokas, Doc, and Carlos are standing around the corpse. Bosco lamely says, "Guess that's why they call them stiffs." Be still my heart: Yokas has a line. She says it's really sad. Really, really sad. You know, given the great dialogue she's been given this season, it's sad to me to see her reduced to Miss Universe-style chatter. "World hunger. Isn't that sad?" Yokas has more to say, though, asking how long the guy may have been down there. Somebody's cell phone starts ringing. It's Bobby's. He answers it. It's his mother. In Spanish, he tells her to stay at the house. "Somebody just robbed my mom's house," he says, walking off. Yokas tells Bosco to come along so that they can help out.

At Mama's house, she speaks quickly in Spanish, but not so quickly that the Closed Captioning can't keep up. She is frantically saying that Bobby has no idea what happened in her house. She came from the market and came back to find her TV, microwave, and new computer missing. "They even took my alarm clock from the bed," she says, sobbing. Bosco and Yokas ask whether anybody else has keys to her place because, when she came home, her door was locked just as she'd left it. Bobby suddenly decides he has to leave. He asks Bosco and Yokas to take the report. He kisses his mom and leaves while she cries.

At his own place, Bobby angrily enters and walks down dark halls to get to his kitchen. He searches the drawers as Kim stands behind asking about Paulie. The keys had a tag that said "Mom." Damn.

As Sully and Ty bring a drunk driver into the station, Sully is told he has a visitor. It's Tatiana, of course. "Lovely girl," the sarge tells Sully. "Ty sees her, too. "That's Tatiana?" he asks. "Whoa, you're in trouble." Sully doesn't offer to introduce them. He walks over and they start chatting. She says that what she has to say will only take a minute. Sully sits with her. She tells him she was fifteen when she had Sergei, and that he was born with a birth defect of the heart. As he got older, it got worse. When he was six, he had to be put in a hospital. By then, she had no husband and no money. He was on the list for an operation and stayed for four months, almost dying several times. She says that she promised him that they would never be so poor again. Since she arrived in the U.S., she saved money for him. "I made good life for us here," she says. "I'm not bad person." She says that she doesn't love Sully now, but that maybe she'd come to love him later. That's what she wants to say. She gets up to leave. She kisses Sully on the forehead and walks away as the Sully Romance Waltz Music plays. Sully doesn't say a word through this whole exchange. Ty stands by as she walks by and Sully looks deep in thought.

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