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Weird interstitial. They show the clip that's been available online forever of Marcel rapping "Put It On a Plate." It's funny but it was funnier a few months ago when everyone watched it online.

Let's revisit how Mike won with a dish that Richard told him about. Mike points out that you can't copyright a recipe. Blais says he didn't have a problem with the dish being used, it was more about the context, but admits that Mike added his own twist. Antonia adds that Mike first heard about the dish that morning and then made it that night, which was fishy, but in the end, he had to execute it himself. So everyone's cool now.

Clip package of judge bloopers. The best is Padma saying very carefully, "I had two gins and tonics. Hee hee hee." Also, Lorraine Bracco referred to her big fat tits. Of course, she did. A viewer asks if Tre was Padma's favorite, because she seemed more upset as his elimination. She did? They show it again, and she's really crying. Padma says she does have a sweet spot for Tre, but she hates when anyone leaves. A viewer wants to know about a dish that surprised them. Padma says that Dale T's egg dish at Wylie Dufresne's was great. Tom liked Carla's chicken pot pie, Blais's hamachi sweet bread, and Mike's fish in the banana leaf.

A viewer wants to know how Tom felt cooking in front of the chefs during that one Quickfire. Tom says he wasn't nervous cooking in front of the cheftestants, but he was nervous cooking in front of the TV audience.

Well, we can't let a reunion go by without a little drama, right? Andy brings up the interview Elia did where she blasted Tom for shilling for Diet Coke and using corn-fed beef instead of grass-fed beef. Elia explains that she went to Tom's Vegas restaurant and was told that the beef was all corn-fed. After she saw Tom's rebuttal to her interview (check the previous link), she went back to Craft to see if she was mistaken or if something changed, and nothing had. Does it always say on the menu if the beef is corn-fed or grass-fed? Elia adds that she doesn't think that a chef of Tom's caliber should be selling out to Diet Coke. Look, I don't have a problem with Tom getting paid, and the reality of America is that he's not going to get a ton of money to make a commercial for whatever esoteric food ingredient he actually uses, or wine, or whatever. Coca Cola Corp has a lot of money, and Tom took some to promote a product he uses and serves. Now, does Elia have a point as well? I think she does. Diet soda is not healthy, and as someone who has campaigned for healthier school lunches and the like, I'm a little surprised that Tom promotes the product. Dale L. tries to say that, but Tom says that he drinks and sells the product, so he doesn't see any ethical dilemma.

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