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Helping People Is Overrated

Keith is on the phone giving someone an update about the insurance-fraud case he's on. He notices that he's being followed, and asks the person on the phone whether anyone else is working the case. Upon hearing a negative, he says he'll send "the pictures" when he gets back, and hangs up. He pulls into a hotel with valet parking and hops out of the car. Soon afterward, the figurative mustache-twirlers pull in and split up, presumably to look for him. So I guess they're following him because they think he's working on the Tom Cruz case? Because otherwise, I don't see the connection. Once they're out of the frame, we see Keith hiding inside.

Cut to Keith breaking into the mustache-twirlers' car, using the same tool Veronica used to break into Mac's car. Heh. He finds something in the glove compartment.

Cut to Keith fakely saying he was in the wrong place, and handing over his valet ticket. As he goes to his car, he makes a call, asking presumably whomever he's working with to name-check a "Yevgeny Sukarenko."

Veronica enters the flower shop with Karl the sketch artist. She introduces him to the proprietor, whose name we learn is "Manny." Yeah, surprise. Veronica says Karl will help Manny with his "recall problems." Manny: "Yeah, good luck." Hee. Veronica leaves as Karl says he'll fax the results to her place. Veronica: "I owe you one." Veronica, I hope you've got a Blackberry, because with all the favors you owe, keeping track will take quite the memory.

Mars Investigations. Veronica's phone rings. She smiles when she sees who's calling, and answers. Leo gives her three names called from the animal hospital during the period she specified. She tells him he's a prince. Leo: "I'm writing that down." Veronica smiles and refrains from suggesting that he sound it out first.

VMVO tells us that the first two names were strikes, as she stakes out the last one. She sees Steve the dog come bounding out of a house. The owner, "Tom Cruz," follows, and Veronica snaps some pictures of him.

Later, Veronica's got the pictures on her computer. She calls Catarina and gives her the good news, but just as she's about to tell her the address, Keith appears out of nowhere and disconnects the call. Veronica's all, who? What? Keith explains that Catarina is in fact "Yelena Sukarenko," and that the brothers Yevgeny and Sergei are Russian mob from Chicago. "Anthony Thomas Cruz" worked for their father, turned state's evidence, and put the father away: "He's not a long-lost love, Veronica. He's in the Witness Protection Program." Oh, Veronica. Sometimes we all feel like absolute beginners. The phone rings as Veronica looks like she's trying not to vomit. Considering that Shannon Elizabeth is on the commercial immediately following, I can't imagine her efforts in that department were entirely successful.

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