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The phone continues to ring, but Keith nods to Veronica to answer it: "Just like we said." I don't imagine Catarlena's been letting the phone ring this whole time, so let's assume she's calling back. Veronica nervously gives Catarlena an address. Keith tells her that was good work. Well, except for the part where she came within a hair of costing a man his life. That work wasn't quite as good.

The brothers Sukarenko enter what we recognize as Caz's dad's model home. I get why they wanted to use a model home, but did they ask permission here? Also, how did Keith know he could beat the Russians to the address? The Russians enter the house, guns drawn, and hear what sounds like the noise of a blender coming from the kitchen. They enter with a "Das vedanya, Mr. Cruz." Keith casually pokes his head out of the refrigerator and is like, "Privyet!" Dude, ha ha and all, but you could easily have been saying that privyet to a number of bullets lodged right in your bald head. Seriously, what reason did he have to think they wouldn't shoot on sight? I find that very bothersome. Anyway, Deputy Leo and a couple other officers appear and arrest the brothers. It does appear as though Keith is wearing a bulletproof vest, but since his shiny bald head would be visible even in the dark, I'm not convinced that was quite enough protection. Leo's all, "'Privyet'?" Keith: "It's Russian. I looked it up." You know, between Leo's saving Keith's life in "Silence Of The Lamb" and their working together here, I think the show is trying hard to make it so that Keith won't object if Leo and Veronica hook up. We'll see if Keith still feels that way when his daughter's being rocked like a hurricane.

Chez Mars. Veronica opens the door for Meg, who's wearing Molly Ringwald's dress from Pretty In Pink. Isn't she? Veronica apologizes, saying she hasn't been able to find Meg's secret admirer. Meg tells her not to worry about it, since she's not really into Caz or Martin, and hands over the flowers the admirer sent her that are supposed to be their "signal." Veronica wonders why Meg's all dressed up, but Meg tells her she doesn't need a date: "I'm taking you." Oh my. If they cannot make babies, maybe they can make some time.

Several cans of hairspray later, Veronica is dolled up in a black dress, stilettos, and something resembling fishnets, fairly reminiscent of Madonna's earliest look. Her comment? "I look like Manila Whore Barbie." Hee hee. Does Veronica dress for every situation? The fax machine rings, and Veronica goes to retrieve the copy of the sketch. When she looks at it, her face falls. Meg asks what's up, but Veronica says it's nothing, and hurries her out the door, dropping the sketch in the trash. And I don't want to put poor Manny down, but if that's how he described Duncan, I think he's forgotten a thing or two. Like, say, the 1960s. Oh, I should add that a lot of people thought it was weird that Duncan would use such a twee, internet-y phrase like "I think UR kewl," but, since we know he likes to make fun of dumb expressions by using them ironically, I can buy that it's in character. If not, say it with me: Banned.

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