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Dance. The Fixx's "One Thing Leads To Another" plays. Veronica and Meg Val-speak as they admire the costumes. Meg decides that her foray into lesbianism can wait until college, and Veronica, after a slight hesitation, pins the corsage on her wrist. She starts to walk off, and Meg asks her where she's going. Cyndi Lauper's original version of "Time After Time" kicks up as Veronica's eyes point Meg to look behind her. She does, and sees Duncan, dressed as Duckie from Pretty in Pink, wearing the matching corsage. Meg looks back at Veronica with a mixture of hope and pity, and I think Alona Tal brings a combination of humanity mixed with a slight bit of shallowness to this role that's a welcome addition. VMVO says she doesn't need any more surprises for one night as she hustles out of the dance. She gets into her car and starts to cry. "Time After Time" continues to play as someone knocks on her window. It's Deputy Leo, who's dressed as Don Johnson in Miami Vice, and has flowers for her. Boy, I learned about approach-avoidance dilemma in high school, but I've never seen it applied quite so well. I don't know if you can see it in the aired footage, but I saw some advance photos for this episode, and Leo was even wearing white shoes. Hee. Leo asks her if she's ready for a total eclipse of the heart, and Veronica melts. His timing is certainly better than his diction.

Spandau Ballet's "True" plays. Leo tells Veronica she looks beautiful. Veronica takes a long look at Duncan and Meg. After she turns back, Duncan regards them appraisingly. All the surreptitious looking is interrupted by Logan appearing on stage in Tom Cruise-in-Risky Business-wear. And I've stayed off this topic so far, but from this performance, it looks like Scientology causes you to wear oversized Wayfarers and forget to put on pants. Logan tells everyone to Wang Chung, or he'll kick their asses. I guess someone's all cried out. Logan disappears, and Veronica mutters, "I cannot escape Tom Cruise." Hee.

Out in the hall, Veronica is trying to get Logan's keys away from him as Leo looks on. Who's gonna drive him home tonight? The answer is Trina, who says she got a call that he was wasted. Possibly the call came from Duncan, if he was able to reach his phone without grabbing Meg's boob. Er, yeah, "without." She snarks that it's like she never left, and then asks, "Is that Kajagoogoo?" I don't know -- the sound wasn't great right there. I assume that's what she was talking about, because if someone were dressed as Limahl, I'd imagine I would have seen the hair from three counties away. Trina says she'll take him home, and Logan tells her she has to let him puke in her car. Trina: "Of course. Just like old times." She actually said that and took his arm with some affection, so I guess Logan's puke doesn't stink. The forum posters have been saying that for a while. Leo marble-mouths about Logan's being a "promising young man." Veronica asks if Meg's responsible for Leo's being there, and he tells her she called (very thoughtful of her), but he came because he wanted to see Veronica. Aw. They look at each other for a while, and after a formal declaration of intent, they kiss. Well, Veronica. It's too bad you're not dressed as Lita Ford, because that kiss was deadly. She's happy, but then her phone rings. She answers, but no one talks, again, and she hangs up. Leo suggests Star 69. Veronica tries it, and some guy answers. He's at a pay phone, and says she must be looking for "that blonde lady." He's in a "cantina" in Barstow, by the way, and if you don't know where that is, did you see Kill Bill: Vol. 2? No? Well, there you go. Veronica kisses Leo and runs out of there as fast as her stilettos will carry her. Leo's all, "What?" and for once, his diction is perfect.

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