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Godric was a good man, but also very bad vampire. The Sanguinistas do make sense, at the most basic "top of food chain" level, because they just want you to be the best vampire you can. Salome does have access to the blood of God. The Apocalypse is coming. Roman was asking them to do to themselves what eventually drove Bill absolutely crazy. Salome spun a convincing story, about vampires extinguishing themselves on the altar of shame, before the Lilith stuff even came into it, and then Lilith, well shit, we all make God in our own image. I mean, once the Nest Behavior and drug cult stuff started, she sucked -- as did everybody -- and I'm still not entirely clear on what Godric's Ghost dying meant or even when she flipped sides, but I don't care. I liked Sam Finn, too; for somebody that didn't have a lot to do this season I think she did okay.

Shut up about Nora and talk about the girls kissing! Girls kissing! Well, I tend to think Pam is pretty much 100 percent pandering fanservice, so nothing she does really surprises or delights me -- she's like the Dame Maggie Smith of this show, put there specifically for people who are not me, and really enjoy her whole thing -- and ditto chicks kissing, but it actually goes down pretty cute: Jessica has to remind Sookie that vampires can't touch the doors, once they're unlocked, and even as she's saying it Tara's so anxious to get in there and kiss Pam that she burns herself on the lock anyway, but she gets right up in there.

Sookie: "...Huh."
Jessica: "Yessss!"


Bill: "Aren't you being kind of a drama queen about this whole Drinking God thing? Even for a vampire and also, I mean, this is coming from me. Bill Compton."
Salome, who don't give a fuck: "Tonight Lilith's darkest dream will be made real!"
Bill: "See, that's the kind of shit I'm talking about."

They discuss how maybe Bill is jealous of her, or is there to be the witness of her becoming Jesus or God or whatever, and he feigns this concern, like only Bill can. The whole Bug thing where they're all on drugs and making this up as they go along comes back into play, a little bit. Or maybe it's all true.

Bill: "Are you sure this is a good idea? Ah fear it could go a whole Akira way we have not yet discussed."

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