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My Early Life

Jess: "I've missed you so much! I've been an idiot, and I love you, and..."
Jason: "-- I can't ever love a vampire. Sorry. I can't do it."

Just like that. At the elevator, Eric and Sookie hang back.

Eric: "We're going to get Bill."
Jason & Pam both: "Oh, for fuck's sake."
Sookie, verbatim: "Make sure it's safe up there for us? We'll be up ... momentarily."

Inside the elevator, Jason twitches and sways.

Tara: "You better not go and get yourself killed, hear? You and I got a date. Long time coming."
Pam, which I am so fucking sure: "If that's not an impetus to survive..."
Momma: "Baby, you still have to kill all the vampires."
Daddy: "You're in an elevator with four of them, for starters."
Jason: "Nnrgh."
Jessica: "Uh, Jason? You doin' all right?"
Jason, intensely: "Comin' for you, Warlow."
Nora: "Um, did you just say Warlow? What do you know about Warlow?"
Jason: "...Fuck you just say to me?"


Salome rolls around on the floor, actin' a mess. Turns out Bill dosed her with a shitload of silver in the blood she just drank, and she didn't even notice because she was so impatient -- "for the Rapture... your lust for greatness" -- and so now she's just kind of fucked. She clearly didn't see his face a second ago, though, because she still thinks he's Bill.

Salome: "You defiled the Mother's blood with silver?"
Bill, pulling out the real stuff: "I would never desecrate the Holy Grail*!"

Salome: "Nice play... Lilith chose wisely after all... Because that was a very good one..."

(There's a whole thing about why that is cool -- "Grail" means "chalice," like you think, but there's a further mystery building on this, an apocryphal etymology working on this Old French pun -- san gréal/sang réal, Holy Grail/"royal blood" -- that probably they talked about in The DaVinci Code now that I'm thinking about it, but the pop culture part doesn't interest me so much as the way meaning accretes around legend: The point was never the cup, but what's inside; they symbolize each other. And now here again he's talking about the difference between the blood itself and the cup, which is how he fooled her.)


Moments after Salome's long-delayed expiry, Eric and Sookie come running in. Of course Bill immediately thinks they're after his Precious, but Eric makes sure he knows that there was zero number of times that Eric didn't think the whole Lilith thing was idiotic. Bill woggles his eyebrows at them and holds up the blood.

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