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My Early Life

Lilith: "Okay, I'll just be over here with blood all in my pubes."

Sam: "Hey Bill! Funny how I'm always naked in your bedroom, huh?"
Bill: "Vampire guys! This is not breakfast, this is a shifter!"
Sam: "Oh, so now you don't eat shifters? Every episode I try to get murdered, and I'm never good enough."
Bill: "Just please don't try to talk me out of going crazier than I ever have."
Sam: "No, this is about me. My girlfriend's werewolf daughter got gay-adopted by a..."
Bill: "Oh, I have no interest in that storyline. I guess I should probably kill you now though, since you know information."
Sam: "Like how you have a bunch of naked humans downstairs for breakfast? Yes. Other information I have is, I have magic powers that could solve literally any problem on this show, and I never use them ever, so..."

Sam turns into a housefly and spends the rest of the episode flying around that way looking through a honeycomb lens and having such repetitive experiences over and over that it's like something out of a movie about recurring nightmares. Bill bops around all over the place trying to catch him for like one second and then realizes that it's cutting into his "bitching at everybody" time, so he just blows Sam off for the time being.


Nora: "I cannot stop thinking about that faerie girl of yours. How is it that in five years of this show, people have only just started being able to smell her like this?"
Eric: "Ambition is unattractive in a woman of your beauty. Let's talk about Godric."
Nora: "Yes, forever and ever."

Tara: "Hey, you must be my Great-Aunt Nora, nice to meet you."
Eric: "Be nice to this one."
Nora: "I didn't even like Pam that much -- you know, the daughter of yours that I never met and doesn't know I exist? -- so why..."
Eric: "First, Tara's family. Second, she never stops yelling about everything all the time, so you wanna stay on her good side."
Tara: "So they got Pam."
Eric: "Well, we are definitely going back into the Authority that we just left ten minutes ago then."


Sookie: "Jason, you look fucked up in the membrane. We should go to the ER."
Jason: "Why would you say that, just because I keep talking to dead people that aren't there, and they keep telling me to kill everybody?"

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