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Pam: "One of the worst things about being immortal is having to watch the same stupid scenario happen over and over. It's usually the humans though. Guess this proves we're just as fucking retarded as they are."

Which, okay. Yes, a theocracy is a bad thing. And any church that looks forward to the end is not a church you should be involving yourself with. And you can use belief to justify anything, and people often do. But that's true for everything, and every tool's a weapon if you hold it right. It's the same immature, concretized view of religion that says things like this that the monsters you're talking about hold. The only difference between a crazy Christian and an obnoxious atheist is that a stable person of faith knows to shut up about it and the other two don't, so they're still fighting a fight that started when they were kids. They've had no reason and no opportunity to learn what religion actually is, which is something that has as much to do with the literal existence of God as the concept of music does to a 1984 Rockwell cassingle.

So you have two people who don't know what they're talking about, yelling at each other forever and ever and each thinking that it gives them the moral upper hand: When you're talking about the culture war, you're talking about this. People who do believe in Santa Claus fighting with people who don't believe in Santa Claus, and the rest of us -- who know that whether Santa Claus exists is the least important or interesting part -- wishing the hugest parts of our social and political lives didn't rest on the gamble of which kind of stupid is going to win this round. When you don't know anything, everything is up for debate, which is why a cartoonish scenario like this Sanguinista stuff has been making everybody look bad all season: It takes the false equivalency bullshit, and makes it real. The truth is, religion is purely a force for good in this world. It's the rest of this shit that makes it stink so badly.

Jessica: "Eric and Bill weren't even gonna warn Sookie Russell was coming!"
Pam: "[Reprise of one-note Sookie joke.]"
Jessica: "...According to their Vampire Bible, she's an Abomination..."
Pam: "[Same again.]"

But it's the same question everybody confronts in this episode, some to their detriment and some to their victory: You spend all your time arguing about the cup, you're never going to see what's inside. Especially if that's somewhere you couldn't point to if you tried.

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