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Sookie: "Bill's not evil, he's too boring to be evil. And of all the people who know the cost of a Civil War..."
Ghost Momma: "Your sister is real dumb."
Ghost Daddy: "You should have a really boring talk about relationships where it seems like you're talking about her five thousand boyfriends, but really you're just talking to yourself about Jessica and saying the same shit as every time this happens."
Jason: (Does.)

From the creator of the show Six Feet Under comes an entire conversation from the show Six Feet Under about how you can never really know anybody else -- or can you? -- and we only love in others what we want to replace in ourselves -- or do we? -- and how ultimately all the people we loved are unavailable in some way -- are they really? -- and maybe this was because we are sabotaging ourselves -- or maybe not? -- because we don't believe -- or do we? -- that we really truly deserve blah blah blah self-hating narcissism so maybe you just A) Give up and go fuck yourself or maybe you B) Believe in stars and magic and love and the circus and whatever it is that horrible skeptic pessimists think the rest of us idiots are doing instead of actively hating everybody and everything, especially ourselves, and it's all so hoary and Gen X tragic that you can actually hear "The Battle Of Evermore" from the Singles soundtrack playing in the background and then finally, finally, Eric Northman.

Sookie: "Jason, that was really well acted, but I feel like maybe you have a brain trauma."
Jason: "How could you even tell?"
Sookie: "Based on the softball-sized bump on your nut."
Eric: (Hangs puckishly down in the driver-side window so his hair looks crazy, and pretty much giggles in Jason's face, because as we've seen, Eric Northman is pretty cute when he just wakes up, and the sun just went down.)
Jason: (Makes a very excellent grumbly sound that is almost as cute.)

Jay pulls over so they can do their big trick, which involves Chancellors Northman and Gainsborough driving their "prisoners" -- mainstreamer Tara and the tasty human Snackhouses -- into the Compound proper.


Holly: "I cannot believe I am midwifing for your pregnant girlfriend that I just found out about! And yes, I'm narrating what's actually going on for some reason, but also can you believe that the only Wiccan character on this show comes pre-loaded with midwifery powers, and do you think that's realistic, because actually it kind of is."

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