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Scottsdale: Bell Road

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Scottsdale: Bell Road

Frank and Dan are cutting pieces of wood, for the frame of the message board, I think.

Vern tells Tom to keep ironing as he shows him curtain panels. He's got some sheer dark blue fabric and then some opaque darker blue fabric so Dana and Chris have options for how much light they want to let into the room.

Kari watches as Vern stuffs pillow forms into pillow cases. Vern's got two cases in a light gold fabric with some kind of circles appliquéd all over them. It's hard to see them very well, so I can't give a much better description. Those ones are ready-made but they also have some they made themselves.

MPDP watches as Frank and Dana attach the message board to the wall. Frank goes on about where all the furniture and accessories are going to go, and says it's going to be totally perfect.

Vern and Kari work on an art project. Vern's got some rectangular mirrored candle sconces that he bought. He doesn't like the finish for this room, so they're going to paint them to coordinate better. Kari thinks they'll be romantic.

MPDP tells Dana, "I have a feeling that we both maybe think the same thing." That this room looks like doody? Say it! Say it! Dana offers to be the first to say it. MPDP wants to take it one step at a time. She asks Dana what she thinks of the monkey desk, by itself. Dana thinks it's way cool. MPDP agrees. Frank wanders over to listen to MPDP's discourse. Then she asks Dana what she thinks about this desk in this room. Dana pushes her safety glasses up on her head, and says, "Well..." Then the editor cuts away. I make a sound of disgust and throw up my hands. Frink rolls his eyes.

Vern spraypaints the sconces while Kari watches.

Back to Dana, who tells MPDP -- while Frank stands silently alongside them with his arms crossed -- that overnight she was slightly scared of the monkey. MPDP can no longer ignore Frank's attempt at imperious glaring and puts her hands up to her face, saying, "Oh, gosh." Oh man. She doesn't have the intestinal fortitude for this. He tells her to spill her guts: "We're friends." MPDP gets all mealymouthed and whines about how hard it is because Frank's her friend and Ty's her friend and she doesn't want to insult anything they've come up with. You notice she doesn't have this problem with Kia. MPDP goes on about how awkward she feels but that she just doesn't think this desk, however cool it is, goes in this room. She says it's a very busy desk in a very busy room, and it's not the same kind of busy. And she's right, but it's way too frickin' late to do anything about it, isn't it?

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