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Scottsdale: Bell Road

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Scottsdale: Bell Road

Ty, Vern, and the team bring in the entertainment unit. It looks quite nice, though it doesn't strike me as being seven and a half feet long. Maybe it's the angle. Ty suggests that perhaps they should put the bed together. Vern thinks that'd be great.

MPDP summarizes by repeating herself, saying that she just doesn't know if this desk goes in this room. Frank responds to her concerns by saying, "Well, I guess this afternoon we're going to know that, aren't we?" Dana decides to side with Frank and says it's a little late now. Frank says they're going with the design. Honestly, while MPDP's totally right, I don't know what she wants them to do about it now -- what could they do that wouldn't strain the limits of time and budget? (Other than a dollar's worth of gasoline and a penny match?) And isn't that supposed to be her first concern? They all agree that the desk is cool, and Frank thinks it's going to be the thing Ryanne will love the most. I think MPDP is worried about having a reveal with a crying Pamette. Crying adults are one thing, but I think she'd quit if she was part of making a child cry. Or she'd cry herself.

Ty and Kari put the mattress on the platform bed, only to find that Ty's made it the wrong size. Ty: "I love these little surprises." It's a few inches too short and too narrow, so the mattress doesn't fit down inside the frame.

Frank sits on the floor in Ryanne's bedroom, painting Helena. The two birds are with him; one on his head and the other on his shoulder. He calls them "Cinnamon" and, I think, "Joco." He ask what they think. He says it's truly pathetic when the best conversation he's had all day is with birds. He asks again what they think of this project: "Say something, please. Give me some confidence." The bird on his head squawks, and takes a dump on his head. We even get a close-up of the fresh, shiny green glob. That bird may not be housetrained, but it knows a crappy design when it sees one.

Ty makes a joking case for the bed frame being fine the way it is, suggesting that one can be slightly elevated so as to read or whatever. Kari says what everyone in the audience is thinking, "I don't see Vern finding this acceptable." Ty says he'd rather not have Vern even find him in there when he sees it: "So I might kind of go right now." Yeah, you'd better run.

Frank and Dana dither over the swagging of the pastel yellow window treatment.

Ty's obviously already taken care of the mattress problem, but now there's a staged scene where he and Vern discuss the problem while Tom and Kari watch. Vern says that Ty's solved the problem by retrofitting the frame so that the surface on which the mattress rests is level with the edges. Now it won't sit down inside the frame, but on top. Ty says that the problem was that on Vern's drawings, he had the numbers 7'8" and 6'6" (which I guess are supposed to be the length and width of the platform) next to 7'6" (the length of the entertainment unit). He just got confused because of all the numbers in there. Vern says that it's his own fault, for giving Ty all those numbers. Ty: "That's gotta be what it is, because it cannot be my fault." Vern suggests that he should draw on a napkin. You know, it would probably kill him to do it, but it might be worth it just once to do that and see what Ty comes up with. I doubt the results would be meaningfully different from the norm.

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