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Scottsdale: Bell Road

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Scottsdale: Bell Road

MPDP completely wimps out in the debriefing and says that the room came together really well. She asks Frank if he agrees. He does, and says he is really pleased with it. He says he had a lot of fun: "I mean, all the colour and graffiti on the walls and crud all over the floor...that's just me." MPDP asks if he had any hint of fear that the desk would be too much in here. Frank doesn't really answer; he just says he was wondering what Ty was doing "in there." He says that Ty really wanted to do something for this room that was his own creation. This probably would have worked better if Ty and Frank had worked out the whole design together, rather than Ty pitching this idea at practically the last minute when Frank had gone in a whole other direction with the room. I have no doubt that Frank could have done a room in collaboration with Ty that would have incorporated that desk and been much more successful...but I doubt it's something you can start partway through the morning of Day One. MPDP says that the rug was a splurge. Frank agrees. She says that the bedding and pillows are neat and fun. Frank says he wanted some larger blocks of colour to counteract the walls. I'm not sure a live Broadway show in the bedroom could counteract these walls. Frank discusses the "art project" (the yellow and neon green rectangles) and says that Ryanne can put her art in there, too. MPDP gushes of Helena, "And that wonderful face!" Frank says that Ryanne collects dolls, and he wanted something pretty. MPDP says he spent $998.14. Frank says he wishes he'd known; he would have spent it on something else. I still say you could get plenty of gasoline and matches for $1.86. Drag that dresser out first, though, and use it as the basis of a new room. Frank says he can handle adult disappointment, but that he can't handle a disappointed child. Maybe he'll be lucky and the kid will be too stunned to cry.

Fast-forward sequence, and then MPDP brings Kari, Tom, and Ryanne in. She says they can open their eyes. The camera's on Ryanne, and she looks both surprised and overcome. I definitely don't think it's what she was expecting. Tom and Kari make "wow" sounds. Bear in mind that they haven't slept since yesterday morning. I'm not sure they're in any condition to apprehend the room fully. Ryanne laughs kind of nervously. I get the feeling she likes some aspects of it, and has no idea what to make of others. I also suspect she was coached not to throw a fit, no matter what. Not that anyone would blame her for crying over this room. Kari asks if Ryanne's going to cry: "Mommy's going to cry." I'm right there with you, Kari. Kari points out the dresser. Ryanne emits another nervous laugh. Kari looks at the monkey thing and declares, "Oh, you have a bar!" MPDP explains that it's a desk. Tom: "" Kari laughs at herself. MPDP explains that Ty designed it, and talks about how the shelves fold down. She walks over to show them how the eyeballs fold down. That's the only time I can remember her moving out of the reveal shot to demonstrate something. She folds down the shelf; inside the monkey's eyes have been painted on the wall to look like it's winking. Ryanne laughs. Kari says it's truly amazing and asks Ryanne if she likes it. Ryanne says yes. MPDP asks if she likes the colours. She does. MPDP asks her if it's grown-up enough for her. Kari points out the seating area and asks what was there before. She says the room has more room. Ryanne says she doesn't even remember what her old room looked like. They all clap and thank Frank.

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