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Scottsdale: Bell Road

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Scottsdale: Bell Road

Fast-forward sequence and then MPDP brings in Dana and Chris. No birds. They open their eyes; Dana reels a bit and shouts, "Oh my God!" Chris says a word that's bleeped; oddly, that gets no reaction whatsoever from MPDP, who's totally fixated on Dana. Usually she reacts really strongly when someone swears. Chris's face is still relatively expressionless, despite this big emotional outburst. Dana's going on about how beautiful it is and says she's going to start crying. Chris says "wow" a couple of times. MPDP says she got the platform bed she wanted. Chris points out the lights. Dana loves the lights. Chris can't believe this. MPDP points out the sofa. Dana says she can deal with that. She notices the woodwork. MPDP tells them what a deal Vern got on maple. Not that they asked. Dana exults over the maple and the entertainment unit. Chris: "Jeesh." He says he's speechless and can't even believe it's the same room. Dana proclaims it the most beautiful room she's ever seen in her whole life: "And it's ours." MPDP calls in Kari and Tom. Hugs and handshakes; Dana asks if they hate them for the monkey. Their neighbours say they don't. MPDP tells Dana that they haven't slept yet, adding that Kari hasn't even taken her shoes off since yesterday morning. Dana tells Kari that she started crying. Dana asks again if the monkey scares them at all. Kari says it's cool and Ryanne loved it and said it was awesome. There's more chatting and MPDP says they should let Tom and Kari go home and get some sleep. She thanks everyone and signs off. I dunno about you, but I'm going to go stare at an expanse of white until my rods and cones recover. I still have twenty more episodes to recap.

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