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Scottsdale: Bell Road

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Scottsdale: Bell Road

Key swap. Dana and Chris have their birds. MPDP comments that it's already a zoo, and says she doesn't know if that's foreshadowing anything. Did she know about the monkey at this point? As everyone splits, MPDP complains, "Those birds are going to be the end of me...tweet, tweet, tweet..." Yeah, feel our pain, Mippy.

Vern asks Tom and Kari for their ideas. Kari suggests a proper bed. Vern's down with that. Tom mentions a ceiling fan or light fixture. Vern's on it. Vern says that the two short walls at each end of the room will have very deep colour on them, and the other two walls and the ceiling will be getting an interesting treatment that Kari and Tom will find out about later. There's going to be an entertainment bench along one wall, and they're going to rearrange things slightly. They unload the room.

Frank is wearing one of his loudest, busiest shirts ever and talking to Ryanne's stuffed animals and dolls, advising them, "Now, as cute and precious as you are, some of you are not going to make it back into this room, and I want you to have to realize that and face facts. She's getting older..." Maybe Mr. Winkle and Mrs. Tiddlyboo will need therapy or something. Maybe Dr. Phil could step in. Hey, picture Oprah and Dr. Phil being the homeowners on this show. That'd be hysterical. Oprah's not crafty at all -- and not that she needs to be, with her money, but it's always amusing to watch her struggle with stuff like that when she has certain guests on. One of the most humorous things I ever saw on television was an episode with Martha Stewart as Oprah's guest, explaining how to make your own mirrors by painting silver leaf or whatever on the back of glass.

Piece of glass: $7.50
Silver leaf: $5.39
The look on the face of one of the richest women in the world as one of the other richest women in the world insisted that it was reasonable and worthwhile to make your own mirrors: Priceless.

Dana and Chris and the birds arrive. Frank asks their ideas. Dana says Ryanne's a little girl on the verge of being a woman, or "at least a little lady," so she wants to give her something more grown-up. Chris says, "This is as close as we're gonna get to having kids, so..." So I guess he's got no ideas, is what that means. Frank says he sees tons of colour. Uh oh. The strains of a song beginning, "Isn't it rich..." are appearing, unbidden, in my mind. Frank mentions graphics on the wall, a study area, utilizing the bed but changing it, making the dresser into a TV cabinet, art for the wall, and a drapery treatment. Close-up of Chris looking indifferent. The room is unloaded.

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