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Scottsdale: Bell Road

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Scottsdale: Bell Road

Vern asks his team what they think of the colour, reminding them that it will dry darker. Tom thinks it's pretty bright right now, and that he will prefer it darker.

Frank's team is painting hearts and swirls and stars on the walls in random places. It looks like dood...ling. Frank says they're going to use a roller on the parts that they can -- in between the shapes, I guess -- and get as close as possible. MPDP wonders, if they mess up a shape, whether they can just roll right over it. Frank says no. It finally dawns on MPDP what Frank is intending, and that the walls are going to be a bitch to paint. Frank confirms this and adds, indicating the small brush he's using, "And with a brush this big." MPDP tells Dana she thinks Frank's lost his mind. He says he never had one to lose.

Ty continues with his project of using the dustpan to roast his skin to a crisp, as Vern describes his two main carpentry projects. He tells Ty that everything in the room is going to be "very Zen, very, like, sleek, clean, minimal lines..." Ty: "That's kinda new for you, isn't it?" Heh.

Frank and Chris start working on the chest of drawers outside. Frank says he's going to turn it into a TV cabinet/dresser. He says Ty's building him a cabinet that's going to have a big face on it. Given this show's record with things featuring big faces, I'm scared. Actually, I think it's a rare situation indeed when a design with a "big face" is appealing, successful, and liveable. That could just be my misanthropy talking, though. Except it applies to big animal faces too, and I generally like animals more than human beings, so I guess it's just a big-face phobia. Frank says the dresser frame will be painted black, and each drawer will be painted a different colour. The knobs will be black.

Vern says they're making a king-sized platform bed, and that it will all be made out of birch; no MDF. Ty's so excited about that that the camera operator has to cut away from his lap. Vern says there will be a low entertainment bench, two feet high and seven and a half feet long. There will be some shelves but no doors and no drawers. Ty's chuffed about that, too.

Frank asks Chris was he thinks about the grain and knots of the wood showing through the black paint, in comparison to the drawers, where the colour covers the grain completely. Chris says to leave it the way it is, because it will take less time. Frank's not worried about time, so he wants to know if Chris genuinely likes it the way it is. Frank likes it too, and thinks it will be a nice contrast to the drawers. He decides to leave it that way.

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