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Scottsdale: Bell Road

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Scottsdale: Bell Road

Vern tells his team they have to polyurethane the panelling and the bed. He says, "And then we''ll hit the sack."

Frank assigns homework; they're to finish the walls and finish the mural. He asks Ty if he's going to be there for a while. Ty emits a hesitant groan and says he'll be there for a bit. I should hope so; this complicated project was his idea.

Frank's waiting on one of three dark blue bean bags on the stoop when his team arrives with their birds. He asks if they left; they admit they did. Dana says the heat didn't work in the house, so they had to go to a hotel. Because of the birds. I don't understand why they didn't have to board the animals the way other homeowners have to do with their pets. Frank quickly runs down the list of things they have to do today.

There's no scene of Vern arriving to greet his team because nobody's left the room all night. MPDP comes in and shrieks about how fantastic the room looks. The panelling does look very, very good. Vern asks if it's already morning, and whether it's Day One or Day Two. MPDP asks how late they were up. They tell her that none of them has been to bed. It takes MPDP a surprisingly long time to grasp this, considering (a) it's Vern; and (b) this is hardly her first show.

Frank and Dana work on a message board for Ryanne. Frank has bought two ready-made bulletin boards -- each with one half cork and one half white board -- and is arranging them together in a checkerboard pattern so that they make a big square. They're creating a frame to go around them and hold them together.

Vern urges Tom to sew faster. Tom tells Vern that "quality is job one." I'm sure he'll get no argument from Vern. Vern says that in addition to the panel he's sewing, he'd like Tom to work on sewing some pillows, too. They're also making a duvet in a combination of two of the fabrics they're using.

Dana and Frank work on the message board. Frank says something to the effect that the thing that's going to save them is the fact that he's putting a black block on top of this. I don't know what he's talking about. He says he went with black and white because he thinks they've got enough colour going on in this room. Dana: "You think?" He does. So, what...he's covering the cork board with something black? I hope he's just painting it black or something, so she can still use it.

Vern sews the slipcover while Tom watches. Vern says he knows Tom's disappointed that he doesn't get to sew, but the section he's working on is fairly complicated. Yeah, Tom seems real broken up.

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