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The Swon Brothers sing next. They are Oklahoma boys, but the package was not put together in time to talk about Oklahoma the way we're all thinking about it now. But they do talk about their crappy mic stands back home. This week they are singing "How Country Feels" by Randy Houser. Blake assures them that country fans are loyal once you win them over.

The Swon Brothers have some backup singers for this performance, standing in the shadows dressed like Daisy Duke or Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island. Country fans should be offended by that. The performance is pretty average, or at least not memorable, in my opinion.

Carson asks the brothers about Oklahoma before we ask the judges to talk about the performance. They say all the right things for PR. Adam makes the lead brother do the Scream face again and offers no real feedback. Blake says they have a real thing going now.

Amber Carrington looks different every week. She does not have a real thing going yet, in terms of being recognizable. This week she's singing Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway." Hillary Scott is a good mentor for Amber, who wants to do country-pop crossover.

For the performance, Amber also gets splashy rain light effects. She also gets a wind machine for an added touch of drama. The performance is good, but nothing knocking people off their chairs. No one is allowed to say "Michael Jackson" in these hallowed halls, but Carson did take the name of Beyonce in vain.

Blake tells Amber she wears wind well and Kelly Clarkson was a good call. Usher makes a wind machine joke but says the arrangement was cool. Shakira says the song is right in Amber's wheelhouse and she was great as always. Adam says Amber has shown a lot of growth. Blake makes a joke about how much Amber's hair as grown and Adam tells him to shut up. A regular Woody and Buzz Lightyear, those two.

Sasha Allen, Shakira's first artist to sing, is excited to have Cee Lo as a backup coach. He will certainly have something new to bring to the table and he's just so cool. He asks her what her story is like he is completely invested. This week Sasha is singing "Next to Me" by Emeli Sande. For Mother's Day, Sasha had her kids Next to Her. This is a good song choice for Sasha; it's a singer's song.

Sasha looks really cute for this performance. She's good for this song, but she's sort of petering out at the ends of her phrases and no one did anything to stop her from doing that. It sort of sounds like she doesn't have enough breath or confidence a lot of the time, or maybe there are the typical technical sound issues as there have been all throughout the season.

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