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Hershel prevails upon Beth to sing them a song. Maggie joins in. What is this, The X Factor with zombies? I'm not complaining; singing recaps faster. Rick returns to the fire and offers some food to Lori, which she takes only reluctantly, so they're still not getting along great, clearly. After the song, Rick tells them they have a big day tomorrow. By which he means they need to push on into the prison. Rick figures the fact that most of the walkers were either guards or inmates means the place fell early, which might mean intact supplies inside. "Weapons, food, medicine...this place could be a gold mine." Wow, gold, too? Hershel reminds Rick that they're too low on ammo, and Rick says that's why they need to go in, hand-to-hand. "After all we've been through, we can handle it. I know it. These assholes don't stand a chance." This last is directed in particular at Carl and his stupid hat. Ah, that moment of passage when you've grown up enough that your dad swears in front of you. I was a little older than Carl when mine came, but I hadn't killed as many zombies.

Lori takes Rick aside and asks him, as deferentially as she can manage, if they could maybe have a few days to regroup. But now he's the one who's closed off, acting so owly towards her that if he doesn't watch it, Daryl's going to shoot him and pluck him, too. I though we left them with her angry at Rick for killing Shane, but I guess the scales have tipped in the interim to Rick being mad at her for his having to kill Shane in the first place. Well, and I guess Carl killed Shane too. Lori's the only Grimes who didn't get a chance, but she might yet find a way that has something to do with the bulge at her belly.

The next morning, someone walks into an abandoned store, alerting a few torpid Walkers inside. But don't worry about the newcomer; she's got some slayer-style moves and a samurai sword to match, which she uses to showily behead three of them before gathering some aspirin packets off the floor, leaving the still-slavering head lying there. Obviously this is the woman who rescued Andrea at the end of Season Two, not that we could see her face then.

Time for the assault on the prison's inner yard. Rick, Glenn, T-Dogg, Daryl, and Maggie move in first, keeping their backs to each other and working their way through the walkers with edged weapons while the rest of the group tries to draw them to the fence they're staying behind in relative safety, where they can poke their brains out with tire irons and such through the chain-link. Clearly everyone has been honing their zombie-killing skills over the last month. It's great to see them all handling things proactively and competently, to the point where I can finally stop wondering whether the show's title refers to the monsters or the main cast.

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