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Carl looks like he's going to move into the top bunk over Beth's, but Hershel looms in the doorway and asks him, "Find your cell yet?" Carl babbles excuses and clears out so Hershel and Beth can exchange a rueful smile. Sorry, Carl -- Hershel is fresh out of pocket watches.

No such problem in Glenn and Maggie's cell, which features a homey brain-stain on one wall. "So exhausted I don't even care," she says. He sets her down and starts checking her for scratches. Lori and Carol take another cell, and while Daryl beds down on the perch and Rick guards the hallway, everyone settles in. Even Rick sleeps for what looks like the first time in months.

The woman with the samurai sword is still in that town, which seems currently surrounded by walkers. She heads into a place called the "Deer Cooler," where she left her two male walker pets -- shirtless, armless, and jawless -- chained up. She's going to have some explaining to do regarding those two at some point, I hope she realizes. She heads into the cooler -- yes, this is an actual deer cooler -- and, hearing a noise beyond the empty meat hooks, loosens her katana, but then drops it back into its scabbard when she finds it's only Andrea on the floor. She gives Andrea some aspirin and water, and Andrea asks how it is out there. "The same. It's quiet," she lies, then adds that they should go in a few days. Andrea realizes they're coming, and her rescuer should go on without her. "I didn't take care of myself," Andrea says sardonically. "I saved your ass all winter, didn't I?" And then she attempts to cough up her spleen. She tries to get her to go on ahead by being rude to her, but her friend insists they'll leave in a few days. "If we stay, I'll die here," Andrea says. So it looks like they're going. Good thing this place has a back door, which opens onto the woods behind the town and no walkers at all. Plus I don't think they need to worry about Andrea slowing them down; anybody who insists on traveling while dragging two walkers behind her clearly isn't concerned with outrunning anybody.

At the prison, the guys (not counting Glenn and Carl) are going over their gains looted from a walker-guard, including the gooey body armor, which Daryl refuses to wear. "We could boil 'em," T-Dogg suggests. "Ain't enough firewood in the whole forest, no," Daryl scoffs. Carol comes to fetch Hershel, claiming it's no big deal. Rick doesn't look convinced, but he's not interested enough to do anything about it, either.

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