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Lori tells Hershel she thinks she lost the baby, not having felt it move for a while. But under the circumstances, a miscarriage comes with higher stakes. Lori frets, "If we're all infected, then so is the baby. So what if it's stillborn? What if it's dead inside me right now? What if it rips me apart?" Well, I don't think we need to worry about that last thing, because if it were dead that would already be happening. And it would be AWESOME. No need to thank me for that ray of sunshine, Lori. She's also worried about what happens if she dies in childbirth, and makes Hershel promise that he, Rick, or Carl will put her down -- and the baby too, if necessary. "If we're walkers, you don't hesitate. And you don't try to save us. Okay?" Hershel nods. Lori says it would have been better if she'd never made it off the farm. Or, you know, her and Rick's house, maybe. "My son can't stand me. And my husband, after what I put him through." Hershel says Rick will come around, but Lori is convinced Rick hates her. "I put him and Shane and odds and put that knife into his hand," she cries. Hershel starts the exam after saying the baby doesn't give a shit about any of that. He kindly leaves out the part where nobody else does, either, but I got the message. Thank you, Hershel.

Out in the cell block, the guys and Maggie are gearing up for their incursion. Carl's with them, but Rick is leaving him behind. "If something goes wrong, you could be the last man standing," Rick tells him, which is officially the most terrifying moment of this entire series. Oops, I stand corrected -- Rick hands Carl the keys. Actually, I'm not sure I'm being fair; this new, shaggy Carl seems like less of a liability like the old one, if only because of the minimal argument he offers Rick. I'm willing to give him another chance. The group heads inside. Most of them are wearing reclaimed bulletproof vests, which will be handy for when they encounter zombies with guns.

With flashlights and weapons at the ready, the gang heads inside, where there are a lot fewer windows and a lot more corpses -- including some mostly eaten children. That can't be a good sign. If these corridors aren't overrun, who do you suppose ate them? Glenn spray-paints an arrow on the wall, presumably in the event they need to make a quick exit, and bumps into Maggie in the dark, nearly making both of them pee themselves. They continue through what's becoming a maze, Glenn painting arrows at every corner, until they come across a herd clogging the corridor. They're very happy to see our heroes, and Rick orders a retreat. But their marked exit route is suddenly cut off by more walkers, and Glenn and Maggie get separated, shutting themselves in a room behind a metal door. Rick, Daryl, Hershel, and T-Dogg duck out of their hiding spot and go looking for them. Suddenly the walkers are gone, to where I don't know.

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