The Killing

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Pushing On Bruises

Alton: "He got to you, Big Noise. You let him in. You're all tough, acting like you don't care about your son, but you care. Anyone can see it. 'A,' right there. You've got his name on your chest."


So much smoking in that car! Holder tells Reddick he can leave, but of course they both want to be led to the body when Goldie finally walks out. Reddick feels kinda bad for Holder, but before he can say anything Goldie leans out the window and does the jerk-off at them, because Goldie is a little bit of a shit. Just a tad. So that's over.


Lyric: "You got arrested or something?"
Bullet: "Nothing of the sort."
Lyric: "Joe Mills was telling me about a whole pond of dead girls..."
Bullet: "Specifically you, I think, but also all of us, should stop being hookers for a minute. Like, hit pause on that whole thing."
Lyric: "But how will I finance Twitch's glamorous lifestyle?"
Bullet: "I will give you money. It is from my dad."
Lyric: "Your dad? Or Stephen Holder?"
Bullet: "This is the saddest show on television."

Lyric: "Why is your head all cut up?"
Bullet: "Don't worry about it. But continue to touch me softly."
Rayna: "Bitches! Everybody keeps getting murdered and arrested, today is the weirdest!"
Twitch: "My bright idea is that we should go to that crime scene. I heard he hung their heads all around, like Christmas bells!"
Bullet: "That is no kind of Christmas."
Twitch: "So do you want to come skulk around? Instead of getting murdered ourselves?"
Rayna: "Rayna loves an adventure, bitches!"
Lyric: "Obviously I am going. It'll be fun! What could be more fun than contemplating our own brutally short lives and their likely violent ends?"
Bullet: "You will be arrested. And the cops will think Twitch is a serial killer."
Twitch: "Scared?"
Bullet: "Ugh. The magic word!"


In case you were thinking Ray Seward was kidding around, or faking it like some kind of gorgeous dissolute Hamlet, no: He puts that razor blade to use, slicing off the "A" tattoo but by bit until he finally loses consciousness. You know, like a crazy person might do.


Everybody's watching kiddie porn and thinking about taking razor blades to themselves when Holder gets back in: They've identified three of them, Ashley and two more, all fifteen or sixteen. No match with the porn.

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The Killing




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