The Killing

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Pushing On Bruises

Bullet: "This choad again. Today's not a great day for men in positions of authority. Not there is a great time for that, generally, but..."
Holder: "I am here purely because of your plight. If you had any idea how many conversations I've crammed Kallie into, over the last few days..."
Bullet: "Nobody can know I'm talking to you. I can't talk to cops, it's not something I we do. Any subversive ideas I had about speaking truth to power were recently suppressed by Goldie, by design. I am not feeling strong today."
Holder: "I will protect you, and any secrets you need me to protect."

You can see him change, over the course of this, as she reveals more and more of the stuff she's not telling. He respected her even when he disliked her, but this -- this brittle, wild, angry bravery -- is something he knows intimately, and he knows you don't push. When they pretend they're unbreakable is when they feel most broken; he's no different.

Bullet: "There is a room in Goldie's house, a closet off his bedroom..."
Holder: "Who is Goldie?"
Bullet: "Nothing and no one."
Holder: "How do you know he keeps girls in there?"
Bullet: "I broke in, and I heard somebody. Maybe her, it sounded like her. It was locked. He has a knife. A big one."
Holder: "A knife, you say. That's interesting on at least two levels. Here's twenty bucks for the address..."
Bullet: "I'd feel a lot better going with you. Um, which is to say, Fuck you and fuck your money, where's the car."


Holder and Reddick bust into his apartment where trashy cookie-monster music is playing, and there are a million TVs, all playing kiddie porn. It's an overwhelming scene, going down in there, made all the more confusing/uncomfortable by the fact that we can't actually see anything that's going on, or else we would be the ones watching the kiddie porn. If you see what I mean.

Eventually they get Goldie; he lives, unfortunately, through the experience.


Lyric is hanging out with another friend, Rayna, who has gender stuff going on, who loves cigarettes and has a whole family story and all kinds of awesome things. Lyric's yelling at her mom on the phone -- "Whatever, I used up all my minutes!" -- when Linden walks up.

Linden: "Hey you guys, is what a person would say to a person. I'm looking for a human girl named Bullet."

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The Killing




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