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Tryin' To Get Her Feeling Again

Diner. Bonnie wants Katherine to hand over Silas's tombstone. In two days there will be a full moon. Silas wants Bonnie to harness its power, drop the veil between them and the Other Side. He'll then take the cure, die, and join his lovah on a completely different other side -- the one that existed before Qetsiyah (Q) created the up-capped Other Side. Bonnie's been hiding from him ever since he laid out his plan. She's trying to buy time, but she won't share her reason or intent with Katherine because the less Kiki knows, the better, since all minds are ripe for Silas to pick. After some back and forth about why Katherine shouldn't think Bonnie is Silas, and how Bonnie can be sure Katherine isn't Silas (since Bonnie's seen Silas's true face, this is no longer an issue for her), Katherine asks what Katherine always asks: "What's in it for me?" Bonnie tells her to hand over the tombstone and she will make it worth Katherine's while. Oh Bonnie, you're going to have to do better than that. We cut back to...

Mossy Manse. The torture continues. First, Elena is the victim. We're the collateral damage. We feel the burn as soon as she mentions the sire bond. I suppose Damon is a victim too, but since he and Stefan are willing to torture the second love of their unnaturally long lives, I am about as emotionally detached as humanity-free Elena. She's not just free of her humanity, though. Since the ropes that have been binding her to the chair have been weakened by her flaming flesh, she breaks through them, flies to the window and opens wide the curtains. Her entire body bursts into flames. The boys rush her. Stefan knocks her down into a relatively shady spot. Damon douses her with the fire extinguisher. Elena's skin is bright red and blistered at first, but heals before our eyes. She coughs and looks up at her boyfriends. "I am the girl you love. You wouldn't do anything actually hurt me. You just proved that. So what do I really have to be afraid of?" Ending a sentence in a preposition? Commercial.

Outside Mossy Manse, the beautiful Brothers Salvatore discuss their stunning lack of progress. There's exposition about the humanity switch and Elena's now-empty life. They finally realize she's too smart to be scared of them, and decide they'll invite Katherine to handle the job. Since she's the fandom's iconic Elena hater, surely, she'll jump at the chance.

Caroline and Silas-as-Klaus stroll the manse adjacent woods. Caroline says she thought Klaus was gone. He says he never meant to leave without saying goodbye. Caroline reminds him he owes her no explanation. He invites her to join him in New Orleans. When Caroline is agitated at this suggestion, "Klaus" asks her what she's afraid of. Caroline and the audience answer him in unison. "You!" Silas has mostly been aping a corporeal First Evil, but right now, he's taking a page out of Season Six Spike's script, and starts talking about Buffy's the dark aspect of Caroline's nature.

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