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Tryin' To Get Her Feeling Again

Silas finally tips his hand when he tells her Elena was right about Caroline longing to have her perfect feathers ruffled. Once Caroline realizes she's dealing with Silas, he gets rough with her, shoves her against a tree and demands to know Bonnie's whereabouts. Caroline hasn't the foggiest idea where Bonnie is. Silas tells her to get Bonnie to come out of the shadows and then stakes Caroline in the gut, or maybe even that's a head game. I have so many issues with Silas's characterization, but I covered them in the recaplet, so it would be better for all of us if I just ignored them. When Silas leaves, Caroline slumps to the ground and passes out. We cut back to...

Mossy Manse. Interior. Matt and his phone have a very special product placement moment, featuring some language translation application. Rebekah says the app is handy, but wonders if it isn't a cheat. They tease back and forth for a moment, but Rebekah assures him she can help. Matt's voice is choked when he admits he doesn't want to be left behind and be the only repeat senior while his friends traipse off to college. Oh Matt, if they're not failing too, they're compelling their teachers. Rebekah backs me up by offering to compel his teachers to give him good grades and a scholarship. The first time I watched, my daughter watched with me. My children are all good students -- better students than I am a mom -- because I admitted to her that if in the last gasps of senior year, had I been presented with this deal, I would have jumped at the chance. Not our Matty, though. He resists Rebekah's offer of being his advantage in life. Harkening back to when he convinced her to save April's life at prom, Rebekah explains she's grateful that he showed her she can be a better person. She begs Matt to take advantage of what she's offering him. "Make something of yourself. And for the record, anyone who leaves you behind is a fool... I wouldn't."

Ignoring Billy Joel's advice to leave a tender moment alone, Katherine barges in and mocks Rebekah. Damon appears and is all, "Seriously? You can't knock?" Katherine and Rebekah trade barbs, then Kiki announces she's there to torture the humanity back into Elena. Oh, she doesn't call it torture, but Matt knows the score, and voices his objections. Damon would never admit it, but he's as jealous of Matt as Rebekah is covetous. "Do you have a better idea, Prom King? Unless you want me to lock you up in there with her, I suggest you shut up, and let the adults handle this." With that, Damon leads Katherine out of the room. Rebekah turns to Matt and says the lunatics have taken over the asylum, but Matt doesn't respond. Instead, he starts out the door. When Rebekah asks where he's going, he says, "I'm calling Caroline. There's no way we're letting that psycho in there with Elena." We cut...

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