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Tryin' To Get Her Feeling Again

In the living room, Caroline opens a vein and tries to feed her blood to an unconscious Liz. In the hall, Silas tells Bonnie her promise is binding. "If you break it, you have to answer to me." Bonnie says she won't break it. Silas tells her to leave Fortress Forbes immediately. The next time he comes looking for her, she'd better be waiting. Bonnie hesitates. She can see (or at least hear) Caroline struggling to revive Liz. When it appears Liz is dead, Bonnie turns and walks out. Why? No, seriously, why? Silas has already acknowledged Bonnie has some leverage. Why doesn't she at least say, "Let me help my friends. It's not going to interfere with your goal." Missed opportunities like this are one of the reasons people complain that Bonnie is nothing but the ghost in TVD's machine. Bonnie leaves. Silas follows her out. Caroline cries. We cut to the...

Woods. Matt is so weak from blood loss that he's lying on the ground. Elena doesn't care. She's still hungry. When Matt asks her to stop, she says, "But you're so good." Aw. I bet he is. What? That's sick. Season Gore is affecting my sensibilities. Elena stands Matt up and tries to take another bite, but Stefan appears out of nowhere and stops her. Damon arrives, gets Matt to his feet and yells at Elena that they've had enough of the spoiled brat act. While he can't seem to punish her, he can surely punish Matt. See. Wasn't my ending of Rebekah staking him much better? Damon tells her to flick her switch or he'll kill Matt right in front of her.

Stefan tries to talk down his brother with a stern, but lame, "Damon." Damon's all, "Don't 'Damon' me. She doesn't love anyone? Fine. Prove it. And if I'm wrong, what difference does it make? Once less bus boy." It makes the difference of me not hating you, Elena and this entire show, forever, Damon. Weakened and pale, Matt can only say, "Elena." Elena considers him, then turns her attention to Damon and says, "You're bluffing." In response, Damon snaps Matt's neck. I die a little inside.

As Damon's actions sink in, Elena gasps in horror. Damon tosses Matt's lifeless body back to the ground. Stefan recoils in shock. Near tears, Elena approaches Matt. Damon says, "How about now? Do you feel anything, now? Are you angry I just turned your buddy into road kill?" I am! Elena covers her mouth. Damon adds, "Or are you sad that the guy everybody loves is just a bag of bones? Remember when he was a little kid, huh? Warm heart. Big goofy smile. His whole life ahead of him." Oh my heart.

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