Sleeping With the Frenemy

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Snarky Little Monsters
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Finally, Jo is starting to do what we've been wanting her to do the whole time -- snoop around in her dad's investigation files to solve the murder. Like, I know that Police Chief Kyle Masterson is "working hard" on it, but he just isn't good at his job. Jo asks her dad if someone lied about their alibi, would he question them again. Jumping to conclusions as usual, he thinks this is about Lacey. It's not -- it's about Archie, who Kyle Masterson is not suspicious of at all. Jo tells her dad what she learned and he says he doesn't have time for this. What an asshat.

Then, Chief Masterson has his assistant/officer/whatever take his bullshit necklace theory to the judge. She even says, "It's pretty circumstantial," but he's really hot on this "two murder victims wearing the same necklace" trail and thinks it will at least get him a warrant to search the Desai house. The assistant thinks if they can get a warrant they can wrap this one up and get back to traffic violations and petty theft. They haven't even had a coroner look at the body! This goddamn show.

Denise Richards -- looking stunning as usual -- is going through her house having fond memories of ugly chairs. She remembers back to a time when she and her husband, Vikram (the one who died, but hasn't even had a funeral yet) argued about material possessions. Vikram loved that chair, Danny loved watching soccer, Denise Richards loved making the house look nice. Now Danny's on the soccer team! And Vikram is still mysteriously dead in a way that has not affected Danny or his mom in the slightest.

Lacey walks through her high school campus, looking like she walked straight out of Clueless, telling Archie about her plans to force Serita and Phoebe to be friends. Archie shares his plans to go out with "the guys" before "the big game" to "blow off some steam." Lacey, as though she just met him, says she thought he liked to stay the night before a big game to rest. Because that is his alibi. Archie says home games and away games have different rules. I hope Lacey doesn't get murdered by him... or that she does -- I'm not really that invested in her character.

Danny is looking sexier, as we have always wanted him to. Wearing his hair down is good for ratings. Danny keeps talking about how good he is at soccer, which has me crossing my fingers for a montage. Danny being on the soccer team is not just good for montages, it is also good for Jo's Junior Murder Investigation to research a motive for Archie. Jo mentions that she hates girls because they are "horrible, snarky monsters," and she only gets along with guys. So call me a horrible, snarky monster but she's one of those girls.

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