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Dead Queenie Dead


Jesus: "I am a trained and caring first responder! Let me take this witch corpse in the other room and revive her with regular nursing acumen!"
Marnie: "That's cool, even though I totally murdered her for no reason and I've been steadily building a case in the hopes that people will think it was self-defense."
Jesus: "For my regular first aid treatment of her, I am going to need a bunch of magical herbs, a powerful medium who is my boyfriend, some candles, a magical grimoire, powders, potions, and privacy. Oh, and a scarf that belongs to you."
Marnie: "I see no reason those things wouldn't be necessary for first aid."

Lafayette: "This hooker dead."
Jesus: "I know. We're going to use her corpse to do powerful brujo magic that will get Antonia out of Marnie's body."
Lafayette: "As long as that bitch don't hooker you, bitch."

Marnie: "You guys, seriously I'm sorry about killing that friend of ours for no reason."
Holly: "It was pretty gruesome. And made very little sense."
Marnie: "It's because I feel persecuted."
Sookie: "I get you, because I am the You of Bon Temps."
Marnie: "That means a lot to me. Village retards have to stick together."
Sookie: "This is a parallel we could have explored earlier. But did not."

Sookie: "Also, I have been studying hostage negotiation by watching TV so I know that the magic cliché words are You can end this and You have all the power."
Marnie: "I have all the power. I can end this. Let's negotiate."


Andy talks to himself, walking back to Caroline's house, about what a jerk Terry is for leaving him behind to get sober through a brisk walk. Then a fairy or two appears to him, and immediately one of them blasts him with hand-microwaves, because he smells like V.

Luna and Sam can't figure out where Marcus went with Emma; they think maybe he's in Mexico or Tibet or the moon. Emma literally has to call them on the telephone and explain to them that she is at his house. He kidnapped her to his house. Luna and Sam are not good at solving crimes.


The vampires take down the possessed Sheriffs, and Pam does some more of her Desperate Housewives bullshit, and everybody talks about Antonia Gavilán de Logroño, and finally Marnie comes outside with Sookie. One of the Sheriffs ends up spiderwebbed on the magical barrier around the place, which it turns out is made of sunlight or something. Then this literally happens:

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