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Sookie joins the circle that is doing this spell, and just as Jesus is breaking the spell that bound Antonia inside Marnie, she zaps the whole circle with yet another application of her fairy magic, so all the witches go flying and the vampires stop zombie-walking. Eric yells at Pam some more, and she runs away to sulk.

But inside the Emporium, Marnie is pissed at Sookie, and makes this ridiculously shitty circle of fire around her -- even after Tara backs her up that she can't really control the power of her vibes -- and Sookie starts screaming and hopping around in the circle like it's a hoedown. She plays "scared" really well, and I bet it would be scary, and there's thematic pleasure in seeing Marnie use "burning at the stake" in a way that would probably be offensive to Antonia, if they weren't the same person, but the fire looks so cheap and shitty and imaginary that mostly it is comedic.

So then Antonia finally gets out of Marnie again, and prays or something so the fire goes away, and she goes away, causing Marnie to feel even sorrier for herself, and everybody chills out. The boys come running inside to kiss Sookie's ass, of course, and meanwhile they are going to kill all the witches. Sookie explains about them being hostages, and Roy throws himself between the vampires and Marnie. Awesomely, Eric pulls out his heart and sucks on the vena cava like a juicebox, right in Marnie's face, and then tosses it over his shoulder at her. Later, Roy. You sucked the most. Bill loves this part too. Then he shoots her in the head forty-seven times and the boys flirt some more.


Luna and Sam stare at each other about how Alcide just murdered Marcus, and it's fascinating.

Arlene's been worried about Andy because Terry left him in the woods and he never came home, and it's really cute. He explains to her about how he had to make a pit stop to have sex with a mysterious glowing lady, and she tells him that sometimes detox makes monkeys of us all, so he lets it go. He's used to being the Cassandra, and the idea of the real world does attract him now that he's suddenly done being an addict, and besides: Are you really going to try to tell Arlene anything she doesn't want to hear? No way.


Eric: "Your Majesty, I've glamored those you requested."
Jesus: "I'm sorry about how we did that demon-face stuff, but I know it was the right thing. Even though on this show, the second you offer to go dark for somebody else you're signing your death warrant, I guess this time it's going to be fine."

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