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Soup To Nuts

Ty kicks back at Cates's desk, rubbing the gnarled nasty fuzz that passes for his beard. It's like there's a giant crotch on his chin. Vivian enters and coldly demands that he explain himself. Ty seductively strolls toward her and explains that he wants to screw her silly all over the house. She slaps him. "Snap out of it," she barks. "Said Cher to Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck, 1987," notes Ty. "He had a wooden hand." Huh? Does Ty? Maybe his was the severed hand found in Ruby's car, and he just has an outstanding prosthetic. If not, then...I give up. He reaches for her again, and she decks him again, this time with the back of her hand. Go Vivian! "Not in my house, not under my roof. Ever," she spits. "And not just because my husband shot down your precious little idea. It's humiliating." Her voice drips with disdain. Ty apologizes. "Not to me. Humiliating to you," she snarls. Ty is annoyed again. Vivian walks away.

Donner has Luke in his car and is speeding toward the crash site. He says he knows Luke dropped the driver off at the hospital, and the man has third-degree burns all over his body. Luke is tight-lipped. Donner accuses Luke of "tripping with [his] crew," and somehow causing the crash. "Ooh, tripping!" mocks Luke. "Long live the Grateful Dead." Scared Luke will drag Sophia into this stuff, Donner threatens the boy with jail time. "She's the one you should be locking down," retorts Luke, noting that Sophia's the one pushing to join the pack.

Luke and Donner arrive at the crash site, except the wreckage is missing. Luke is confused. Spotting residue on the ground, Donner swipes a sample and marvels that in just half a day, someone crept over there and swept five tons of steel and rubber off the road.

A feverish Lou is curled up in bed, when he hears another knock on the door. Irritated, he gets up and throws it open, only to see Ruby standing there. "Sssh," she whispers. "Close the door." For someone who abandoned his life and career to find her, Lou doesn't look terribly jubilant to see her. He acts like he's more thrilled to be proven right than to be reunited with his semi-fiancée. Ruby's eyes look really funky. They're liquid green-blue. I can't tell if it's special effects, or just bad lighting. Ruby insists that Lou must leave immediately, disappearing forever. She adds that she never loved him, and never will. Lou refuses to believe this, because if it's true, it makes him incredibly pathetic. When he refuses to leave her alone, Ruby grabs him by the neck and tosses him against the wall, and oh, his legs spread, and he was wearing very small boxers. Gulp. But they sped up the footage, so we barely see anything unless we hit pause. And we don't. Hit. Pause. Ruby leaves, and the door slaps. Lou leaps up and rips it open, only to see a bright desertscape outside. Confused, he slams the door and trembles. The thermos of soup floats past. Lou groans. "That crazy Indian," he says.

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Wolf Lake




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