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Shivering under his blanket, Lou freaks when another knock sounds at the door. He tries to escape it. Ruby's voice coaxes him out from under the blanket, and she's suddenly in the room, dressed in a slinky red gown and sitting in a chair. "There's somebody here who wants to see you," she purrs. Swiveling his head, Lou sees two American Gothic-looking people that Ruby determines are his parents. "We have something to tell you, John-John," his mother intones. "You were adopted, son," Daddy Kanin grins as he starts playing the violin. Ruby leers at Lou knowingly, then uncrosses and recrosses her legs in a blatant Sharon Stone imitation, but fast-forwarded so that nothing's revealed. "How does that make you feel, [Lou]?" she growls. The camera whips around to show us Lou sitting in some kind of electroshock-therapy chair. There's a metal cap on his head, and some kind of netting on his face. He looks like The Bride of Tin Man. Ruby teases him about the John-John nickname, and Lou claims his mother had a Kennedy fetish. I'm not sure why I just recapped that. Ruby fast-forwards over to Lou's chair and tells him she's going to induce a brain seizure. "What if I don't want a seizure?" he whines. Ruby scolds him for acting compulsive and paranoid lately, then fast-forwards her teeth onto his bottom lip. "Hopefully the memory of her will start to fade, and one day, it will be like she never existed," Ruby murmurs lasciviously. He can't figure out her pronoun problem, and she claims she's not Ruby. "I'm your therapist, Mrs. Ludwig." Huh? She ends the scene by turning on the shock machine.

Luke plays pool at the diner, like all young and randy people do in Wolf Lake. Leaning down to make a shot, he notices blood dripping onto the cue ball; Pammy's screams alert him that the blood is coming from his own ear. He has apparently been listening to Steely Dan.

The second commercial break falls here, but the sponsors would prefer not to be named.

Sherman, Donner, and Luke confer in the science classroom, where the former shares a story about fighting in the war and seeing a French comrade die of exposure to mustard gas. Donner is alarmed at the implication that Luke caught a whiff of something that toxic; it would be funny if Luke claimed he'd been sniffing Sophia's bra, but oh well. Sherman cautions that Luke is extremely lucky to be alive. "Someone is shipping toxic poison through Wolf Lake?" snaps Donner, pissed because he only authorized safe passage for harmless, cuddly poison. Luke recalls stuff spilling all over the road, with a slightly sweet smell to it, but he can't recall much else about that night -- except for the fluffy little cartoon Beaver printed on the side of the truck and on its mudflaps. And he's right; I noticed it, too, but chose to ignore it. Bad recapper. Bad. Donner is pleased with this lead.

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