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Soup To Nuts

Ty is lying on his living room floor; Vivian, straddling him, stares down at her lover. "You're burning holes again," he grins. "I'm just studying you," she answers coolly. She admires the gray at his temples, the lines at the corners of his eyes, and the future of the Wolf Lake pack. He asks how sick her husband is. "Very," she says. "What a drag," smirks Ty. She starts to speak, but he sits up and embraces her lightly and tells her not to finish the thought. "At heart, I know you think I'm a thug," he begins. "But you'd be wrong if you thought I didn't have feelings." He claims to be touched that she wants to be with Willard when he dies, free of guilt. She sneers that compassion will make him too soft, then dumps him so she can play fidelity with her dying husband. Ty is...wait for it...annoyed.

Now Lou is curled up on his floor, cast in blue light, still shivering. Then he decides to stand up and show off his shiny chest bearing the contents of yet another vat of Vaseline. That stuff is hard to get off. I should know. I once emptied a jumbo container of it by spreading it all over my friend's bedroom and hardwood floors. But it's not as kinky as it sounds -- I was only four. Ruby creeps in through the window, lunging like a wolf, naked but for underwear. She raises her arms over her head and waves her breasts around, which we see from behind, but at such an angle where the outline of her left breast and its nipple is clearly visible. Note, also, that Lou is shot from the waist up. Ruby sluts that she knows this is what Lou wants, then sashays over to him and says, "We're two of a kind. Look." Turning toward the mirror, we see them side-by-side, her arms crossed to prevent total breast exposure. Then the mirror shatters. The implications seem to be that Lou has wolfy DNA in there somewhere. Bummer. Ruby whirls around and starts making out with Lou, who hesitates when he feels something strange on her back -- something I believe is wolf hair. He feels the tuft, tenses, then figures Ruby is hot enough, and naked enough, for him to make an exception to the No Bestiality rule.

Doggie Diner. Luke sits down at a booth across from Sophia and makes nice, but she's having none of it, too angry at his earlier dismissal to swoon over him now. "You know, there are days when it gets so crazy, I feel like I should grab onto something because I'm just going to spin off the planet," she says. "But you? You are the entire first-class section of Air Psycho." Luke shrugs, because if he opens his mouth, a great big "WHAT THE FUCK" will come out, and that'll hurt his sex quest. Sophia high-horses that she'll accept his clumsy apology and be on her way, but Luke interrupts that he wasn't going to apologize -- rather, he wanted to make sure what he said earlier stayed secret. Sophia hardens, saying that his honesty with her that night felt real, felt like true friendship. "And if [this] is how you treat friends, because you can, because you're other, because you're better, then I pass," she finishes, angrily, bolting from the diner.

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