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Soup To Nuts

Lou sits in a tightly formed ball on his bed. Someone raps twice on the door, then enters anyway; it's Donner. He gives a boring speech about how he loved his job because it was noble, but some of the luster has worn off. "I just found out that my, um, decision-making ability is slightly impaired, and I'm thinking maybe I need a second opinion now and then." He blathers that Lou is a hero, according to his record -- two medals of honor and a great record, blah blah risking his life blah hero snore blah brave thwomp. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of Lou being ignorant of Wolf Lake's dark secrets? Damn them, I'm going to tune in next week to find out! Lou is silent, which annoys Donner, who desperately repeats the job offer in clearer language. Suspiciously, Lou creeps over to him and pokes the sheriff in the chest to check whether he's an illusion.

Lupine Lounge. Donner is playing the piano, while Sherman sits at the bar and bobs his head along with the jazz music. Lou sits next to him and says, "Emeril, let's talk soup." Aw, how cute, they're referencing the other show in the running for First Cancellation of the Season. Lou insists that Sherman spiked the soup, because of all the hallucinations and whatnot. Sherman lets loose a string of dialogue that includes the words "explosive diarrhea," and I check out of the story completely. Basically, he implies that he helped Lou face his demons and get Ruby out of his system. "Just celebrate," he grins. Lou arches a brow.

Miranda realizes it's her turn to sing, and grabs the mic. She's chained to a chair next to the piano. Cates and Vivian are enjoying cocktails at a nearby table -- well, I assume they're enjoying them; I didn't ask. He asks her to dance, and she wetly replies that she'd be honored to do so. As they hold each other and sway blissfully, Sophia and Luke peer in from the doorway and smile softly. He reaches for her hand, and they twine fingers. As Cates blathers about getting a new song for the two of them, Vivian rests her head against his shoulder and looks pained at his imminent demise. Miranda's shrill "singing" carries us through to a wide shot of the room, and then we're out, folks.

Next week, Sophia is put in danger, and Lou and Donner test their fragile new relationship.

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