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Well, then they need therapy. Paul's got a guy in HR, Tony, with a mail-order bride, who referred Paul to a therapist who saved his marriage. Cathy responds with what is at once the funniest and the WASPiest thing she's ever said: "Therapy doesn't sound like a good time to me."

Paul begs, and finally she agrees -- maybe the therapist can do the grunt work; maybe she'll be braver in front of a stranger -- and stares hard at him, when Paul asks if she'll call and make the appointment. That's why, she thinks. That's as clear as I can make it.

Cathy's brother Sean is standing on a crate with a homemade bullhorn, wearing denim cutoffs and nothing else, shouting about global warming. When Cathy arrives he compliments her "weapon of mass destruction" and she tells him to put on some damn clothes. "You're not as hot as you think you are!" (Matter of opinion.) Sean holds one hand up to his ear: "Twat did you say? I cunt hear you!" She grins and pulls out all the clothes she got from Adam's closet. The leftovers.

"He's probably gonna be two inches taller by the time he gets back from camp," she laughs, and offers it all to Sean. "Too young... Too ugly... Made in a sweatshop by Taiwanese infants, nice going Sis..." He finds something he likes, and drops trou there in the parking lot, to change. "Oh my God! I saw my brother's penis. Somebody shoot me in the eye."

Sean blows her off. She's always so nervous, about bodies. He used to fart in her face, under the water; he couldn't stand how terrified she was. "People don't care that much about other people in general. If they did, they wouldn't be destroying the world we all live in." But if he wasn't terrified too, he wouldn't be so busy trying to become part of it.

Cathy looks past her brother to Andrea, who's walking down the road eating some corn chips. "I'm walking! ...I got hungry! You told me not to starve myself." Sean introduces himself, complimenting Andrea's insane "look" but pronouncing her -- while Cathy stares daggers at him, begging him to shut up, because she loves Andrea -- "the product of a rich and gluttonous society." These two siblings, not so different really: "Our excess is killing you."

Andrea rolls her eyes. "Buzz off, Jesus." She's seen him before, but never in such fetching brown corduroys. Cathy ignores them and focuses on the "totally non-nutritive" chips. "You need to eat something that your body knows how to burn off, like a fruit or a vegetable." She tries to take the chips away, and Andrea gets a look, so she offers her ten bucks for them, then hands them over to Sean.

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