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Spring Cleaning

Elsewhere, Stan finds himself in another financial quandary when the roof of his new house is damaged and needs to be fixed. Making matters worse, he's had five cancellations this week because clients are afraid of an awkward interaction with "the dead girl's dad." [Really? Who cancels a mover because they don't know what to say to him? - Zach] Belko tells him he knows a groundskeeper at Rosie's school and can ask him for inside updates on the investigation. Stan rejects the idea... for now.

Linden delivers Rick to the airport. He asks if the barbecue is still on for Sunday, and she insists she'll make it. She thinks Holder will be up to speed by then, even if they haven't caught Rosie's killer. He calls her out for not eating or sleeping, saying "Drive-through at the Del Taco doesn't count." She admits with a smile she's busted. Rick worries that Linden will put Rosie's drawings on her wall, too. Linden promises him she's a different person now. She asks, "Do you think it's possible to know someone? To really know them?" Rick says yes, then suggests they cancel the barbecue on Sunday.

Grocery store. Mitch walks like a zombie down the aisles until she notices an acquaintance. She gives her a wan smile and the friend just turns around awkwardly and keeps walking. Mitch makes it to the cereal aisle and stops in her tracks at the Bits 'n' Pieces. Richmond appears from nowhere and intuits that she's staring so intently at this box because it was Rosie's favorite. He says his wife loved blackberries. Only after her death did he notice how abundant they are in Seattle. He tells her, "I can't avoid them," then says raspily, "It gets better." Asks Mitch, "Does it?" She trudges away.

Richmond heads outside and gets into his car. Gwen asks if Mitch was there, and he lies that she wasn't. Gwen can't believe it, because they've had someone staking out the Larsens' house for the last 24 hours. Richmond maintains his lie, not yet ready to cave in to Gwen's exploitative maneuvering.

Jamie has his meet-up with Adams at the upper crust club. Adams treats him to a little history lesson about the club itself, how it was started by lumbermen, then kept afloat by prospectors, and more recently added onto by Boeing. He says the story of the club is the story of the city itself. Jamie asks what his people did, were they panners or pencilheads. Adams defensively says his ancestors shoveled coal in the furnace downstairs... "So don't ever tell me my people don't know what it's like to be black." Then he looks at his African-American advisor and has a hearty laugh. Awkward! It's time for drinks, which Jamie is reluctant to enjoy. He tries to get down to nuts and bolts but is summarily shut down in his overture to find out if Adams planted a mole in Richmond's campaign. Seeing that it's going to be a long afternoon, Jamie takes his first, bitter sip.

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