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Spring Cleaning

Back at the SPD, Linden sits out in her car, eating her lunch from Del Taco and calling the airline to buy her latest set of tickets to Sonoma for that Saturday afternoon. She spots Holder rendezvousing with a mysterious car and taking a thick envelope. Holder heads inside and she shortly after. He's counting a thick stack of cash, which he claims he won at blackjack. He tells her Ahmed lied about the flooring company: They didn't cancel on him, he canceled on them Friday night.

Back at the posh club, Adams probes Jamie for the circumstances of his exit from the Richmond campaign. Jamie growls that Richmond isn't tough enough for politics. He doesn't have that taste for blood. Adams tells Jamie he's selling Richmond short, then notes that Jamie looks a little rough. Jamie excuses himself and runs to the bathroom to throw up what remains of his liver. Adams follows after to bluster about securing the waterfront. All too casually, he notes that Yitanes tried to put a plant in his campaign, but he sniffed her out. He says he has a nose for that sort of thing, then welcomes Jamie aboard.

Larsen home. Tommy finds Belko making his bed. Belko tells him he wet the bed until he was 17 and promises not to tell Mitch. [Anyone else weirded out by Belko being in Tommy's room, or even in the Larsens' house, with no reason given? - Zach]

Meanwhile, Stan and Mitch are at the funeral home handing over the dress they chose for Rosie's burial. The director asks if they want to see her in the dress, assuring them it'll only take a few minutes. Mitch can't resist, so Stan follows grimly behind her.

Jamie joins Richmond at their meet-up spot. Richmond tells Jamie he looks like crap, but Jamie smugly tells Richmond that Yitanes is behind the mole. He says he never trusted her and points out that Gwen used to work for Yitanes. Richmond tells him to check all the employee records for links.

A bit later, Stan drives Mitch home. They are a world apart as Mitch says, "She looked pretty... our Rosie, didn't she?" Stan sits there silently, still mulling over the sight he never wanted to experience. He pulls abruptly into a gas station, claiming he needs to get oil. He heads into the bathroom, gasping for air, and splashes water on his face. It's the moment he's been holding in for five days. The moment where he can't stop himself anymore. He wails and groans and pants, sobbing frantically for several minutes as collapses onto the floor in anguish. He finally returns to the car. Mitch notices he doesn't have any oil. He lies that they were out.

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