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Take Me Instead

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Take Me Instead

Lizzie goes to see Lucas in the hospital and is told that he's been expecting her. Lucas struggles to sit up as Lizzie backstories that she just found out that they're moving him back to prison in two days. Lucas thought that Lizzie would be in to visit him long before this. Lizzie says she was told to stay away from him and then adds that they all appreciate what he did for them. Lucas seems hurt, and asks Lizzie if she's just the ambassador of the group, passing on a message, and then dismisses her.

Kathryn gets home from work only to find candles and rose petals strewn all over her apartment. Those must be some really gay burglars. Oh, it's Ed's doing. I get that TV and movies want us to think crap like this is romantic, but all I would think is, "Who's going to vacuum up all these rose petals? And how much did they cost?" Anyway, Kathryn is charmed. Ed gives her a speech about how they've been together for four years in various incarnations, and when he found out her life was in danger, he realized how important she is to him. Kathryn's eyes start darting all over the place, and before Ed can formally propose, she runs into the bathroom and pops one of her anxiety pills, washing it down with some champagne. Meanwhile, Ed is still standing out there amongst the rose petals. Probably wondering where the Dustbuster is so he can get started with the cleanup. I know that I have a problem.

Flashback. Nick is still trying to convince the brothers to let Nancy go. Apparently, his gambit worked, because suddenly the cops are pulling back and two guys run up to place pizzas and cigarettes near the doors. Inside, Nancy bids a tearful goodbye to Kathryn, apologizing for bringing her to the bank in the first place. Lucas tells the cops on the phone that Nancy will exit, grab the goodies, bring them back to the door, and then be released. Randall starts leading her outside, but Kathryn creates a big hullabaloo when she insists that her mother needs her purse. People start yelling, guns are pointed, and it's a big mess. Nick manages to restrain Kathryn as Nancy, now outside, keeps crying and pounding on the door, calling for her baby. Nick turns Kathryn around and forces her to look into his eyes and calm down. Nancy finally gives up and starts walking towards the pizza boxes. The SWAT guys move into position in case something goes wrong. Nancy just stands there, staring at them. Nick assures Kathryn that everything is fine. Nancy seems freaked out by the SWAT team, and she turns and starts running back to the doors. Two SWAT guys intercept her and drag her off. Randall and Lucas freak out, since their plan failed and they didn't get their goodies. Nick tells Kathryn that her mother is fine, and Kathryn looks relieved.

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