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Take Me Instead

Cut to the card game. Everyone is jovial. Kathryn makes a particularly good play and Nick looks at her admiringly, at least until Felicia beats her. Malcolm's phone rings and he tells Felicia to sit out the next hand since he won't be there to coach her. Egan calls some bullshit game for the next round and Nick gets pissed and says that they're going to play Hold 'Em. Kathryn's in.

Lizzie walks into Lucas's room AGAIN. He apologizes for being mean to her earlier, and admits that he's scared about the future. Lizzie says that she is too and offers to get him something. Lucas asks her to just sit with him and "These Arms of Mine" by Otis Redding starts playing. I have to believe they chose this song because everyone remembers it as the song from the big sex scene in Dirty Dancing. Like you just hear it and think about sex. So we're supposed to imagine pregnant Lizzie and Lucas getting it on? That's kind of gross. And yet a little hot too. Anyway, Lizzie sits next to the bed.

Jeremy and Franny leave the charity event and discuss how lame it was in a giggly and flirtatious manner. They arrive at Franny's place. Jeremy says it's "the most uncomplicated" that he's felt in a long time and rubs her shoulder. Franny catches her breath and asks, "Are we really doing this?" Doing what? Having sex? Didn't they already do that once? And also, did she hear the song that's playing? It's a sex song! Anyway, they kiss and it's pretty obvious that Scott Wolf is shorter than the actress playing Franny.

Back at the poker game, it's down to Egan and Nick because everyone else has folded. Nick acts like kind of a dick, taunting Egan. Kathryn still thinks it's hot. She flips the fourth card and Nick and Egan keep raising each other. Nick suggests that they remove the betting limits and Egan agrees. Kathryn tries to get them to slow down and Nick snaps at her. Nick goes all in. Egan, who is unemployed and can't even afford an apartment, has to supplement his chips with cash. Kathryn is disturbed by what's going on, but flips the final card. Egan has three queens, but Nick hit a straight on the last card. Kathryn can't believe that Nick was putting all that money in when he had nothing in his hand. Nick puts on his cop voice and says sharply, "Is there a problem?" Everyone else is like, "Awkward!"

Kathryn's back at her therapist's office, telling her about the card game. Kathryn says that she was angry, and she thinks it was because Nick was so willing to bet everything on a chance. It made her wonder why she was there. Then, Kathryn admits that Ed has given her an ultimatum, and she doesn't know why she's resisting him, when he's always been there for her. The therapist points out that Kathryn and Nick went through something "incredibly powerful" together. Kathryn starts talking about how she would take walks on the beach as a kid and pick up the most brightly-colored shells, but they always seemed less vivid at home. She thinks her thing with Nick is the same, and that it can't survive outside the bank.

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