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Take Me Instead

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Take Me Instead

Flashback. Egan is handcuffing Nick to a post as Lucas holds him at gunpoint. Nick thanks Egan for speaking up about keeping Nick inside, and Egan says that they all feel better having him there.

Back in the present day, it's morning and Nick and Egan are cleaning up from their party. Nick sees a rental application on the counter and asks if Egan is really taking it. Then, Nick tries to give Egan his money back from the poker game, admitting that he was being "an ass." Egan says that he was playing poker and he paid for the thrill, so he doesn't want the money back. Nick crumples up Egan's rental application and says that the money Nick took will be applied towards rent on Nick's apartment. He thinks Egan should keep looking for a place, but can stay at Nick's until he finds something decent. Egan thanks him.

Lizzie is still in Lucas's room, having sat there all night. She says that he's the only one who knows what happened between her and Jeremy. TELL US! This is the only mystery I really care about for some reason. Lucas can't believe she hasn't talked to anyone about it. Lizzie says they don't talk at all. Lucas reminds her that they're having a baby together, and adds that the way that people act when a gun is pointed at them isn't an indication of their character.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Franny are lying naked in his bed. Scott Wolf really needs to eat something. I can see his ribs surrounding his sternum. I don't like seeing that on ladies and I DEFINITELY don't like seeing it on dudes.

Kathryn walks into Ed's apartment where he is busy sleeping. She slips into bed with him and wakes him up, so he's already predisposed to be annoyed with her. She confesses that she has been doing some thinking and now feels like she is ready to be with him. She urges him to re-propose. Ed thinks it over and pulls a ring out of the bedside table. When he opens the box to show her, she realizes that it's her grandmother's ring. Ed says that's why he had to talk to her mother before proposing. Instead of punching her in the face or something, he puts the ring on her finger and kisses her.

Malcolm hugs his wife, who's just arrived home. She asks if he ever heard back from the security company. Malcolm says that they had a broken window sensor.

The camera switches to a view outside the house, and we see two dudes sitting in a van that says "Castleton Security Solutions," and they are listening in on the conversation in Malcolm's house. Whuh?

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