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Orwell complains about Vince not trusting her enough to tell her that he was going to break into Peter's place. He complains about being delirious as a result of having been poisoned. He tells her about Patrick Portman, then tells her not to take him to a hospital. She drives through an underground night market or something, then ends up in the daytime at an abandoned amusement park. It was nighttime before, so I guess she's been driving for several hours. Is the abandoned amusement park that far from Palm City? Is it even abandoned? How come Vince isn't dead yet, if it's been several hours since he got poisoned? Orwell has no time for all these questions, and she gets back in her car. Not that she can do it all that quickly, since gullwing doors are pretty slow to open and shut. She leaves Vince in the care of Rollo and this one circus lady whose name I don't know yet.

They bring Vince to the circus tent. Max tells Rollo to apply leeches, but he's squeamish. So the lady has to do it. Max has a hypo of Nightshade and Jimson Weed, which Hypno Joe thinks is crazy. He's right, too! Vince has flashbacks to kissing Dana. Max slaps Vince around and says, "It's in God's hands now." Yeah, you've injected him with even more poison and used the highest medical technology of six hundred years ago. What more could you possibly be expected to do?

A flashback? Aw, man. The new circus-based action is way more fun than Vince's domestic bliss. Let's just get through this. Dana finds an old coffee can that has a medal that Vince earned at some point. He explains, "It's what you leave behind on missions. We couldn't take ID. No pictures, no letters. If they caught me out there, I couldn't be Vince Faraday." "So who were you?" "Someone else. Someone you probably wouldn't like." So we've learned that Vince has some sort of secret agent past, then? Fine. Jump ahead to modern-day Dana looking at the medal. The doorbell rings, and she lets in Marty and Mrs. Marty.

Marty tells Dana that they found bank accounts implicating Vince. And that Vince pulled the security just before the bomb. When Mrs. Marty scolds him, he claims that he thought that telling Dana about all the evidence against her husband would help somehow. We pan over and see Trip trying to look like he's going to cry, but it doesn't go well. He's just biting his lip.

Vince wakes up in a bed. What kind of show is this where I have to specify "in a bed"? Isn't that the usual way of waking up? Well, it's a nice bed. I think it might be Max's. Max has decided not to give the cape back to Vince. He explains his decision by means of a high-wire analogy, which he follows up with something about a lion's cage. I don't think this circus has either a high wire or an animal act. Max has a suggestion as an alternative to cape-based crimefighting: train tickets! What if Vince went and got his family, then they all left town and changed their names? But Vince won't go along with it. He wants revenge. He tells Max, "You have no idea what I can pull off." Aren't we all sick of that line? Come on. Vince claims that he doesn't need the cape and stalks off. Max chuckles.

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The Cape




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