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No Hand Left Behind

Carl lies on his cot saying to Lori that he's not worried about his father, because he's survived a lot of shit. He's got a decent point, and it seems to reassure Lori. The van stops on some railroad tracks, and Glenn says they walk the rest of the way. Now I'm wondering what vehicle they all took to get down the mountain in the first place? Where's that car/truck?

Later, Lori looks for Carl, but Shane took him down to the quarry for the promised frog hunting. While the boys looks for amphibians, Amy, Andrea, Jacqui and Carol are doing laundry on the rocks near the water. The ladies start complaining about the unfair distribution of labor, as Ed stares at Carol from a close proximity.

The guys in Atlanta plan their attack, saying that Merle's their first priority because he's closer. By the quarry, Carol complains about missing her Maytag... again. Did they pay for freaking product placement here? Nothing against Carol, but if that was a writing choice and not a cash-based one, it was a bad one. They talk about other things they miss, coffee makers, texting, vibrators. (Oh, maybe Carol's one of those ladies who shoves sneakers in her washing machine and then sits on it? Maybe that's why she misses her Maytag so much?) They all giggle, but Ed can't stand to see his wife even momentarily happy, so he starts hovering and criticizing her cleaning techniques and lack of work ethic.

Lori wanders down to the quarry and lectures the boy on leaving Dale's eyeline. Where the hell were those rules when he was among the kids who found the Bambi-eating walker? She sends Carl back up to Camp Terror while she follows him. Shane asks for a second to talk and says she's too hard on the kid, but she says he doesn't have the privilege to tell her what to do with her kid. She turns on him, tells him she doesn't want to hear whatever and that he should give his sorry excuses to the frogs. What did he do? Just the other day she was rolling in the woods with him and tossing her wedding ring aside for some sex. Now she's pissed? Is she just mad Rick's back? Not exactly. She wants him to stay away from her and her son, that her family is off-limits because her husband is back and alive. Still seems like she's overreacting. He says he's happy his best friend is back, but she rounds on him and says that she doubts it, since he told her that Rick died. OH! That's why she's all ticked off and has her eyes bugging out all weirdly... again.

In the department store, the crew spot one female walker, and Darryl quickly takes her down with an arrow. He's a very good shot.

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