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A Long Day's Journey

Adam's up, and he's got Nicolle Galyon (a sweet piano playing country singer) against Mathai (the nursing student who would rather sing than save people's lives). Nicolle thinks that Mathai has an overwhelming personality. He gives them Sara Bareilles' "Love Song" largely because Nicolle can play piano on it. During rehearsal, Nicolle asks if she can start with the piano, and then abandon it. Adam does worry that the piano might be distracting. Robin Thicke likes her sweetness and says she should amp that up for the big night. Mathai meets with Alanis and she has a little bit of a whine in her voice that I don't really care for that much. Adam and Alanis tell her to stretch her notes out. During stage rehearsal, Adam decides to nix the piano so that she can actually show off her vocals. Seems that someone remembered what this show is actually about. Too bad it was only after he chose a song specifically so that the piano could be included.

Mathai, no last name, is wearing tiny lemon-colored dress that is draped to make her look huge, and hugs weirdly at her crotch. Nicolle has on a very sparkly purple with those cutout shoulders that JWOWW loves so much. It would be OK, but she's got on cowboy boots that look like rain boots from a distance. Nicolle hits some really awful notes. I'm not a fan of Mathai's voice, but she's definitely more current... and on key.

Blake says that Nicolle had breathing issues, Christina says that Mathai was more dynamic and Cee Lo tells Nicolle she's too generic. So they all went with Mathai. Christina's all flattered when he says that Mathai's voice has some Christina-esque qualities in the runs. It's like her ears perk up when her name is mentioned and she doesn't even get that it isn't really about her. She's like Jenna Maroney that way. I don't think it's a coincidence that they both host similar shows. Adam said that they both sucked and they were better off in rehearsal. He still gives it to Mathai, but at least he doesn't gush all over her. Nicolle is happy that she got pushed out of her comfort zone. There's a nice tweet from the lovely Miss Bareilles herself (who judges my favorite singing reality competition, The Sing-Off), complimenting Nicolle's grace. Didn't think I could love her more, but my heart might have grown 3/10th of a size today.

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