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A Long Day's Journey

We're back to Adam and his last showdown, he's got Orlando Napier (who had a stupid hat during the auditions and a bluesy voice) and Karla Davis (a soccer playing college student turned country singer) doing "Rich Girl." Orlando's never heard it, so Adam introduces him to the concept of iTunes. Orlando can't hit a single note, as the whole song is way too high for him. He thinks that it might be a bad song choice, so he opts instead for The Commodores' "Easy Like Sunday Morning." Karla momentarily freaked, but she's so happy-go-lucky that she seems OK with it.

Karla gets to work with Alanis, and gets some advice on stretching her belt (a belt who gets strangely dubbed "Bertha"), and it is much improved. She does a victory lap around the piano. Aw, she's kind of cute. Another contestant who I don't totally hate. That's mildly refreshing. Orlando works with Robin Thicke, and Robin calls him a vocal painter and "the Picasso of the group." Orlando again can't hit notes and Robin has to teach him rudimentary projection tips and how to work with vowels. Adam just looks tired.

Go away, Christina Milian. Your 20 seconds of screentime are entirely pointless.

I know I complain about the tacky outfits most of these people weird, but Karla's wearing a red and black flannel shirt (that has a little sparkle in it) and she seems underdressed to sing such a soulful song. Orlando's dressed in what looks like a chef's jacket, so he's not much better off. I mean, I'd at least wear Karla's sparkly flannel for chilling out on the weekend or country line dancing (if I were ever to do that). Orlando has this whispery flatness to his voice that doesn't resonate with me, it doesn't help that he has an innately punchable face. Neither of them really knock it out of the park, but if I had to pick who I'd rather listen to/look at again, I'd go with Karla.

Blake doesn't think that anyone ran away with this battle (we agree!), and he likes Karla's voice, but Orlando's stage presence. Christina was underwhelmed or bored because she's done with her people, and reluctantly goes with Karla. Cee Lo thinks Orlando was cooler. Adam stretches it out, and then goes with Karla. She's beside herself, and has a very odd cry face. Like if she got into it, she might be able to give Carrie on Homeland a run for her money. Her dad is SUPER PSYCHED. Adam's happy to be done.

Team Blake's last pairing. I don't even care, I'm just happy that I get to see more Kelly Clarkson. His remaining people are Jordan "Son of a Preacher Man" Rager and Naia Kete, and they are doing Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours." Blake calls Jordan "country as dirt," and it's no surprise that Jordan doesn't know the song at all... even though it was played EVERYWHERE for a whole damned summer. Naia was the street performer who Carson found on the side of the road and dragged in, then she sang "The Lazy Song" and flirted shamelessly with Cee Lo. Jordan was a country singer who mostly wanted to be Team Blake to meet Miranda.

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