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A Long Day's Journey

During the first rehearsal, Jordan has a rasp to his voice... and he's unfamiliar with the concept of doing harmonies. Jordan gets his wish and gets to work with mentor Miranda Lambert. He deems her hot, but still can't manage to harmonize even with her. Kelly Clarkson, the most charming person that this show has to offer, compliments Naia's mismatched hippy outfit and her voice. Not saying that Naia doesn't look pretty, because she has amazing skin, but she's got about three too many accessories on. Kelly encourages her to really push it, since it is so much in her comfort zone. Blake loves their on stage rehearsal, and says Jordan's come quite a long way.

Naia's outfit is a more satiny and gold version of her usual fare, but she's dumped the headband, so it is more refined. A bit. They sing and it is ... mediocre, until halfway through when Naia really gets into it and then she does her own thing that sounds a little more reggae and mildly more interesting. Christina says that Naia had the groove, even though she missed some notes. Cee Lo thinks that this island flavor suits her. Adam gives Jordan credit for trying, but goes with Naia. Blake wants to throw up, and says that Naia seemed more nervous and Jordan stepped up. He says they were pretty even, but goes with Naia to round out his team. Jordan thanks Blake for all the advice, and it is quite respectful. Naia feels badly because she didn't perform as well as she wanted to. Team Blake is done, and he's only got one country singer. That's surprising.

It's TONY VINCENT TIME! AND THE FINAL BATTLE! I've been waiting for this for weeks. My beloved Tony is going up against Justin Hopkins and they are doing Journey's "Faithfully." I remember a time before Glee when I used to enjoy Journey songs. But I'm going to try and go with it, because --- TONY VINCENT. And I love him, even if he currently looks like The Observer. Thank goodness for the reminder video, because I'd forgotten that Justin was formerly part of Carson's Last Call band. I sort of liked him, but clearly I'm biased here and am rooting for Broadway baby Tony Vincent.

Tony has crazy range, and Josh pulls out some gravelly sounds. It's actually a fun pairing, and makes Cee Lo cry. IN THE REHARSALS. I expect X-tina to be bawling like a baby when we get to the actually performance, if it's this emotional this early on. Babyface thinks the biggest issue Tony has is deciding if the final note should be natural or falsetto. He likes that Tony is a pro and really knows how to use his voice. I'm with you, Babyface. Justin gets to work with Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo starts swaying and likes Justin's growl.

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