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The Changing

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The Changing

Sultry warbles off-key nonsense at the bar. She is the most pointless character ever, and believe me, that's a very large statement with reference to this show. Sherman and Cates discuss Sarah's amazing transformation. "There it was, flashing across this teenage face -- the otherness," Cates says. "We get so used to it, you forget how indomitable we are." He says his hand slipped off, she let go, and the room "exploded in life and nature." And, ostensibly, larval goo. Sherman cracks a dumb joke that I refuse to write down. A pretty blonde approaches with a bottle of Cabernet, compliments of Ty Creed, who is trying to buy his way into Cates's favor. "Good to be king," Sherman says. Cates intones, "It is tonight. Life's just getting interesting. It's a shame to miss the party." Sherman notes that he was treated better than most leaders, then follows with a ridiculous joke about how Cates might die before the fifth season of The Sopranos, and I'm amazed Graham Greene let the writers turn him into such a hollow caricature of himself. Cates looks around the room, and Sherman wonders whether he's evaluating who the next leader should be. "Is he in here?" Cates asks. Sherman says something cryptic about maybe yes, maybe no.

Lou kneels in the graveyard and tries to write Ruby a letter. He begins by pouring out his heart, saying he knows she's alive, he can feel her spirit in the air, and he loves her desperately. He's lost without her. But that somehow doesn't convey the depth of their relationship, so he crumples it up and instead whips himself up into a frenzy of profundity, the philosophy of the heart practically gushing from every pore through onto the paper. He writes, "Dear Ruby, I still have all your CDs. Love, John." Wow. He might as well wipe the paper on his balls and just leave the residue for her to find. Trapping it under a rock and the red rose, Lou leaves the note on Amanda's grave and leaves sadly. Somewhere, standing at a glowing-orange window, Ruby stares out into the night and wonders whether she can steal back her Jimmy Buffett collection without Lou's noticing. Moon Shot IV.

Wolf Class. Everyone stars applauding when Sarah walks in, and she blushes but looks deeply pleased. Sophia passes by the classroom window and peers inside, envious. She and Luke exchange a warm look before she flees dejectedly. On the way out, she runs into her father, so she whirls and exits another way; he stands still and watches her go.

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